KeyHelp® 19.2 – Quality-of-Life update with Debian 10 support

by Alexander Mahr

At the beginning of this week the new KeyHelp version 19.2 was released.

The focus for this update lies on a variety of optimizations and enhancements for existing features as well as an increase in usability. KeyHelp now also supports the recently released operating system Debian 10.

Below you will find an overview of selected new features of the current version:

  • Virus scanner for emails can be turned off
    The virus scanner for incoming emails (ClamAV) usually consumes a lot of memory. If you run KeyHelp on a system with limited memory (less than 2 GB), or if you want to save the overhead of a running ClamAV daemon, you can turn off the virus scanner via the KeyHelp configuration menu.
  • Delete domains on any date
    From now on KeyHelp offers the option to automatically delete domains on any date. Via the domain management, inside of the administration area you will find the corresponding input field.
  • DNS Disabling
    If you use an external DNS management, you may experience problems with the local resolving of domain names. Now you can disable DNS for domains to avoid these problems. The option to disable DNS can be found within the DNS Editor.
  • Adminer added
    As an alternative to phpMyAdmin, the database administration software Adminer is now also available. Adminer additionally provides an auto-login feature for databases.
    The KeyHelp configuration menu allows administrators to choose which software they want to offer to their customers.
  • Enhancement of KeyHelp translations
    Special thanks goes to our community translators, Mr. Ottmar Schuster for completing the Spanish translation, Mr. Serkan Türkkan for adding the Turkish language package, and Mr. Alessandro Daniele for the dedicated maintenance of the Italian package.

An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at:


Note for Debian 10:

Although the current version of KeyHelp on a Debian 10 system has successfully passed all test scenarios, some unpleasantness may have slipped in. For this reason, productive use is currently not recommended.

The KeyHelp firewall feature is disabled for Debian 10 at this time.

The additional PHP interpreters will most likely be available for installation next week. The distibution upgrade script from Debian 9 to Debian 10 will follow as soon as the PHP interpreters are ready.

Note for SSL/TLS notifications:

The email notification system for SSL/TLS certificate issues has been changed. Administrators can now specify who should receive these notifications:

  • Administrators
    This setting corresponds to the previous default setting - only administrator accounts are informed.
  • Certificate owner
    Sends notifications to domain owners (for Let's Encrypt certificates) or to the assigned certificate owner (for regular certificates).
  • An alternative email address
    Sends the notifications to a specified email address.

There are also email templates available that you can use to customize the email text.

Note for users of Apple devices (Safari Browser, iPhone/iPad + Google Chrome):

You may experience problems using the DNS Editor. This bug will be fixed in an upcoming KeyHelp update. If you want to correct the error in advance, the following simple instructions are available in our forum: