KeyHelp® 19.3 – REST API released

by Alexander Mahr

A few days ago the latest KeyHelp version 19.3 was released.

This version comes with the long-awaited API interface that allows KeyHelp to offer you even more versatile usage and automation options.

A complete documentation of all available API functions can be found here:

Below you will find an overview of selected new features of the current version:

  • Maintenance mode
    KeyHelp can now be switched to maintenance mode. This allows administrators to make changes inside KeyHelp (e.g. adjust white label settings). Other users are denied access for the duration of the maintenance mode.
  • Security
    New security measures have been implemented to secure critical areas such as the login area.
  • Let's Encrypt certificate update
    The certificate management has been updated to ensure Let's-Encrypt certificates can still be obtained without any problems.
    Background: The Let's Encrypt Certification Authority will shut down the interface (ACME v1) originally used by KeyHelp on November 1st. As of this date, certificates can only be obtained via the new interface (ACME v2).
    In order to continue receiving valid Let's Encrypt certificates after November 1st, an update to KeyHelp 19.3 is mandatory.
  • Enhancement of KeyHelp translations
    The language support of KeyHelp has been expanded. Special thanks to Mr. A. Lueders for the translation into Brazilian Portuguese.

An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at:

Note for Ubuntu 14:

Please note that the support period has already been discontinued by the operating system manufacturer. With the release of KeyHelp 19.3 we will no longer support this operating system. Your version will no longer receive any KeyHelp updates.

An operating system upgrade to at least Ubuntu 16.04 is absolutely necessary to ensure the security of your server in the future and to benefit from new KeyHelp features.

An upgrade guide can be found here:

Note for Debian 8:

KeyHelp support for this operating system will be discontinued with one of the upcoming updates. Please consider upgrading to at least Debian 9 as soon as possible.

An upgrade guide can be found here: