Update announcement KeyHelp® 20.1 – Update of TLS protocol version / TLS cipher list, removal of old design

by Alexander Mahr

The release of the upcoming KeyHelp version 20.1 is soon to come. Below you will find useful information about important changes you may need to react to.

Changes to the TLS protocol version / TLS cipher list

TLS (Transport Layer Security) serves as an encryption protocol for secure data transmission over the Internet. In order to establish communication between the client (web server, email client, FTP software, etc.) and the server, both parties must support the corresponding TLS protocol.

With the upcoming KeyHelp update, the standard minimum version will be raised to TLSv1.2 on all supported operating systems. This is in line with the current industry standard and offers the best compromise between modern configuration and wide client system support. In addition, the TLS cipher list will be updated.

The new KeyHelp version also offers the possibility to configure the TLS protocol version and TLS cipher list comfortably within the administration area, in case the default settings are too restrictive or too tolerant for your use scenario.

Affected are configurations of the following services:

Apache web server, Dovecot, Postfix, ProFTPD

The preliminary changes can be viewed inside of the KeyHelp community forum.


Removal of the old design

Since the end of 2018 the new KeyHelp design is available. The old design was still available as an alternative.

Starting with the upcoming update, this old design will no longer be part of the update package and will be removed from your installation. Installations that still use the old design will be changed to the new design by updating to 20.1.

If you are still using the old user interface on your server and have additional white label settings enabled, you should change these settings to the new design immediately.

Via "Configuration" → "Appearance" → "Theme" you can easily switch to the new design.


Note that you can always disable the automatic KeyHelp update and let it run later, at a more convenient time for you.

To do this, navigate to the menu item "Maintenance Intervals" → "Update administration panel". Click on "Edit" and deselect the checkbox "Is enabled". Then click on "Save".