KeyHelp® 20.2 – Ubuntu 20.04 LTS & Arm64 support and French translation

by Alexander Mahr

The KeyHelp version 20.2 has been released and besides numerous improvements and corrections it offers the following selected new features.

  • Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    KeyHelp now also supports the recently released Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
    As usual, a guide will be provided soon to ensure a smooth upgrade from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04.
    As always, please do not upgrade your distribution manually, always use a script provided at
    The release of this script is planned for August 10th / 11th and will be followed by another news release.
  • Support for Arm64 architecture
    KeyHelp now runs on systems with Arm64 architecture (aarch64).
    Even though the KeyHelp installation is now feasible on these systems, the priority is still on the x86 architecture. This means that certain KeyHelp functionalities may be limited. So the additionally installable PHP interpreters currently only work with x86 systems. On Arm64 these are installable, but will not work properly.
  • French translation
    Special thanks go to Mr. S. Pajic, whose commitment and eagerness to translate ensured that KeyHelp can now "speak" French. Many thanks!
  • Automatic cleaning of email inboxes
    Email mailboxes are now equipped with options for automated deletion of messages in the junk mail folder and trash. The feature can be enabled and configured in the settings of an email account in the "Advanced" tab.
    In combination with an email filter that automatically moves emails marked as spam to the junk folder (must be created manually), this feature ensures a mailbox that is always tidy.

An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at: