KeyHelp® 20.3. / 20.3.1 – New firewall management and lots of improvements

by Alexander Mahr

Recently, the new KeyHelp main version 20.3 was released and in addition to that, another update 20.3.1 was released to make improvements to the previous version and to add new features to the administration interface.

Below is an overview of a selection of the new features of these updates.

  • New Firewall system
    With the latest updates a new firewall management is now available. This includes a completely renewed and improved user interface.
    The more comprehensible operating concept allows even less experienced administrators to operate the firewall as comfortably as possible and reduce misconfigurations to a minimum.
  • License system
    With the help of the license system it is in the future possible for administrators to use the KeyHelp professional features also on servers, which are not administered by the Keyweb AG. Further information about under which conditions such an activation of the features can take place, will be announced in the coming weeks on
  • Analysis of disk space utilization
    Using the analysis tool, you can quickly examine the disk space usage on your server via the KeyHelp user interface. This allows you to find out which files in the file system are taking up the most disk space and thus determine the cause of running out of free space.
  • CLI toolbox
    With the help of this supporting tool you can now access and control various KeyHelp functions via the command line of your server.
    This can be useful to initiate selected KeyHelp maintenance tasks or, in case of a lockout from the KeyHelp user interface, make them accessible again.
    The tool can be easily started using the "keyhelp-toolbox" command. Once launched, it provides you with a menu that allows you to navigate to the desired function.
  • New and improved translations
    Thanks to the outstanding work of all KeyHelp community translators, KeyHelp is proud to support 10 different languages.
    A special thanks goes to Mr. Marwin Gripenfrost, to whom we are grateful that KeyHelp is now also available in Swedish.
    Furthermore, we would like to thank Mr. Rogério Borba for taking over and completing the Brazilian-Portuguese language package.
    New translations for future versions are already in the works, so stay tuned for when KeyHelp will be available in your language.

An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at: