KeyHelp® 21.0 – Dark mode, customizable SSH chroot environment, virus scanner update and much more

by Alexander Mahr

Last week the new KeyHelp version 21.0 was released. Numerous improvements and new features found their way into the software.

Below you will find an overview of some selected features of the new version:

  • Dark mode for user interface
    From now on the KeyHelp user interface can be set into a dark mode. This mode not only looks good, but is also ideal for saving your eyes in low-light conditions.
    This feature is only available for servers with KeyHelp Pro enabled.
  • Customizable SSH chroot environment
    Last year the SSH chroot environment feature was implemented in KeyHelp. With this it is possible to provide a secured SSH environment for user accounts. With the update to version 21.0, administrators now have the ability to easily extend this environment with their own binaries and files via the user interface.
    This feature is only available for servers with KeyHelp Pro enabled.
  • Enforcing the mailbox size setting
    In previous KeyHelp versions, it was possible to specify a size limit for email mailboxes, but this limit was not enforced until now.
    With this update, you can now control this behavior under "Configuration" → "Email Server". By enabling the "Enforcing the mailbox quota" setting, you ensure that a mailbox cannot grow larger than specified. When a mailbox reaches 90 percent of its capacity, the user is notified of this event. When 100 percent is reached, new mail is rejected by the mail server.
    This behavior is now active by default for new installations starting with KeyHelp 21.0.
  • New features for antivirus scanner
    The virus scanner has been equipped with new functions. For example, it is now possible to add additional virus signatures to significantly increase the detection rate of the scanner and thus the protection level. Furthermore, files and directories can now be excluded from the scan to keep the required runtime of the scanner low.
  • New translations
    With this update two new languages have been added to KeyHelp.
    Thanks to Mohammed Al Shamlan for the Arabic translation and thanks to oneleps for the Czech translation, which is available in a pre-release version and will be completed in an upcoming update.
    KeyHelp now supports 12 different languages thanks to its active international community. Additional language packs are already in the works. Also the upcoming KeyHelp version will feature an expansion of the supported language area.

More information about KeyHelp Pro and the included features can be found here:

KeyHelp Pro

Since the beginning of this year we have extended the comprehensive functionality of KeyHelp with KeyHelp Pro.

Until now, the features of the Professional version were only available to customers of the Keyweb AG. Now you also have the possibility as a customer of an external hosting provider to extend the feature set of your KeyHelp installation with the help of a KeyHelp Pro license.

More information about KeyHelp Pro and the included features can be found here:

PHP interpreter

Later this week, KeyHelp's own PHP interpreters will be updated. Besides updates of the version numbers, the PHP extensions SSH2 as well as Memcached will be added.

All changes of the PHP interpreters can be found in the list at