KeyHelp® 21.2 - Debian 11 "Bullseye" support & improvements for the new backup system

by Alexander Mahr

In the last few days version 21.2 of the KeyHelp Server Control Panel has been released. With this update KeyHelp supports the recently released Debian 11 (codename "Bullseye").

Below you will find an overview of selected new features of the new KeyHelp version.

  • Support for Debian 11
    From now on you can install and run KeyHelp on a Debian 11 equipped system.
    As usual, a guide and an upgrade script will be provided in due time to ensure a smooth upgrade from Debian 10 to Debian 11.
    As always, please do not perform a distribution upgrade manually, always use a script provided at
    The release of this script is planned for the end of September and will be accompanied by another announcement here.
  • Simplified transfer of settings
    This feature allows you to transfer settings from one server to another with a few mouse clicks. This can be especially helpful if you want to expand your KeyHelp infrastructure and put additional KeyHelp servers into service.
    Currently, this allows you to transfer API settings, account templates, email notification settings, and white label settings.
    This feature can be found under "Configuration" → "Import/Export Settings".
  • Numerous improvements for the new backup system
    The new backup system receives numerous improvements and bug fixes with this update.
    For example, the overall stability of the system has been improved, the user interface has been optimized, progress indicator and statistics features have been enhanced, and much more. Additional improvements will be included in upcoming updates.
  • API endpoint for administrator account management
    An additional API endpoint "/admins/" has been added to the API. This allows administrator accounts to be managed via the API. Existing administrators can be retrieved, edited, deleted or new administrators can be created here.
    For more information, see the API documentation at
  • New translation
    With this update, a new language has been added to KeyHelp. Special thanks to Wu Ru Kang for the translation into Chinese (traditional Chinese).

An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at:


Update problems

On almost all servers the automatic KeyHelp update runs without problems. But it can happen from time to time that problems occur on a few servers.

If the login area of the control panel shows the following message for a longer period of time:

The server control panel is currently being updated. Please try again later.

This could be due to the virus scanner not working properly and blocking the KeyHelp update from continuing.

If you are affected by this problem, the following steps will help you.

Read here if you have already restarted your server in the meantime:

Simply call the following command, this will manually update KeyHelp to the new version. Afterwards you will be able to access it again.

php /home/keyhelp/www/keyhelp/cronjob/mastercronjob.php --force-panel-update

Read here if you have not restarted your server yet:

  1. Check if the virus scanner (more likely) or the PHP interpreter update (less likely) is interfering with the update process.
    To do this, check if the following files exist:

    /home/keyhelp/.lock/avscan.lock /home/keyhelp/.lock/repo-update.lock
  2. Look at the contents of these files. Each file contains a number, this number corresponds to the number of a process running on the server.
  3. Use the command "kill <NUMBER>" to terminate this process. Replace "<NUMBER>" with the number you got in step 2 and kill both processes this way.
  4. After a short waiting period (about 3 minutes) your KeyHelp Control Panel should work fine again.