KeyHelp® 21.3 - Extensive Quality-Of-Life-Update

by Alexander Mahr

Since last week the new KeyHelp version 21.3 is available for you to install. The main focus of this version is to extend and improve the previous functionality. In addition, the update also includes some completely new features.

Below you will find an overview of a selection of the improvements in the new version.

  • Introduction of Fail2Ban management
    With the help of the Fail2Ban management, you can view the Fail2Ban jails that are currently operating on the server.
    Here you can see which IP addresses are currently blocked by which jails. In addition, you have the option to unblock blocked IP again. This feature will be further expanded with upcoming updates.
    You can find the management interface via "Security" → "Fail2Ban Management".
  • More options for backup management
    The new backup management has been equipped with a variety of new options as part of the update.
    From now on, you can freely customize the backup remote storage to your own needs via a user-defined configuration. This means that in addition to the existing storage types (local, FTP(S), SFTP, Dropbox, WebDAV), you now have over 50 other storage technologies and cloud storages available for integration.
    Access to this configuration option is available via "Settings" → "Backup" → "Repository Management".
    Furthermore, the configuration options for administrators have been expanded. You can now prohibit the creation of local backups for client accounts, completely hide the old backup management, and whitelabel the Dropbox interface.
    You can access the settings via "Settings" → "Configuration" → "Backup".
  • Black- and whitelists for spam filters
    KeyHelp now offers administrators the option to immediately mark emails from certain senders as spam. For affected emails, the subject line is subsequently prefixed with the string ***SPAM***.
    In contrast, sender addresses can also be white-listed. This means that unjustified marked emails will not be tagged with ***SPAM***.
    This option can be found via "Settings" → "Configuration" → "Email server".
  • Even more security for your server
    Numerous security improvements found their way into KeyHelp with this update. On the one hand, the session handling has been completely renewed in order to secure the access to your KeyHelp account even better.
    Furthermore, improvements have been made to the generation of passwords and the algorithms used for password hashing. This makes your system even better protected against possible attacks.
  • KeyHelp now available in 15 languages
    The language range of KeyHelp continues to grow with this release. In this update KeyHelp was extended by the Polish language package. Special thanks go to Grafidea for this translation as well as to all other translators for completing the language packs.

An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at