KeyHelp® 22.2 – Ubuntu 22.04 support & new features

by Alexander Mahr

In the past days the new KeyHelp major version 22.2 was released. Below you will find an overview of selected features and improvements of the new KeyHelp version.

  • Support for Ubuntu 22
    From now on you can install and run KeyHelp on a system equipped with Ubuntu 22.04.

    As usual, instructions and an upgrade script will be provided shortly to ensure a smooth transition from Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 22.04.

    Please never perform a distribution upgrade manually, always use a script provided at
  • Whois IP lookup
    The functionality of KeyHelp has been extended with a new tool that allows you to gather more detailed information about an IP. For example, with one click you can find out which country an IP comes from or which provider is responsible for it, allowing you to decide whether or not to block an IP.

    The tool can be found under "Tools" → "Whois IP Lookup" and anywhere in the KeyHelp interface where an IP address is displayed.
  • Email catch-all as user permission
    Administrators can now more finely configure the permissions of their clients. For example, the privilege to create catch-all email accounts can now be set individually by customer. Furthermore, this permission can be managed using the account templates.

    You can find this setting under "General" → "User Administration" → "Add/Edit Client" or under "Settings" → "Configuration" → "Templates" → "Account Templates".
  • Global web server directives
    You can now use the KeyHelp interface to configure global web server configurations, which are then integrated into all configuration files of the client domains. In this way, you can store Apache directives for all client domains with little effort, without having to customize all domains individually, as was previously the case.

    This feature can be found under "Settings" → "Configuration" → Web Server".
  • KeyHelp now also available in Dutch
    With this update, a new language has been added to KeyHelp. Special thanks go to Bas Heijermans for his translation into Dutch and the additional numerous feedback for the general improvement of KeyHelp.

An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at

Notes for the webmailer Roundcube

With the update to KeyHelp 22.2, Roundcube version 1.6.0 is installed.

The Roundcube developers decided in this version to remove the interface designs "Classic" and "Larry" from their software and offer from now on only the modern Responsive Design "Elastic". It is therefore no longer possible to use these old designs for Roundcube from KeyHelp 22.2 onwards.

Alternatively, however, you can maintain your own webmailer instance. The relevant options can be found under "Settings" → "Configuration" → "Webmailer" → "Access URL".