Announcement - Domain logs and web statistics change with the upcoming update

by Alexander Mahr

The upcoming KeyHelp update 23.0 will be accompanied by a change of the domain protocols and web statistics. In the following you can read about the most important details of this change. In addition, the upcoming update offers numerous other improvements that will be announced later in the course of the release.

The planned release of KeyHelp 23.0 is expected to take place in the middle of week 3.

The changes of the update in detail

Starting with the upcoming update, statistics and log files will be available separately for each domain and subdomain.

Until now, access and error logs as well as the statistics generated from them were provided bundled for all domains of a user.

With the update, it will be possible to view separate logs for each domain and subdomain and to call up the statistics for each domain of a user individually.

Changes on the domain overview page

Until now, it was possible to access the combined logs of all domains of a user via the button "View web server logs".

As of version 23.0, this button will no longer be available. Instead, a new icon will be placed in the "Actions" column behind the corresponding domain, which can be used to directly access the access and error logs of the respective domain.

Previously, the web server logs could only be accessed via the user area. From now on, it will also be possible for the administrator to access them directly without having to switch to the user area first.

Changes on the statistics page (user area)

Until now, you could access the combined web statistics of all domains of a user here. In future, on this page you first select the domain or subdomain for which you want to view statistics and then click on the button "Show statistics".

If there are still statistics in the old scheme that were generated with a KeyHelp version before 23.0, they can still be called up under the item "Combined statistics", but these will no longer be continued - only the domain-specific statistics will be updated.

Optimization of the statistics run

As already mentioned above, statistics are now no longer generated per user, but per domain. This also means that more statistics are now generated than in older KeyHelp versions. Due to this, it was necessary to optimize the generation of AWStats statistics. The system has been improved on various levels and is now even more resource-efficient and efficient in generating the statistics.

Change of the option "Configuration → Data Privacy → IP anonymization inside web statistics (AWStats)"

Previously, if this option was activated, the visitor IP addresses were initially recorded in the statistics and then removed after seven days for data privacy reasons.

As of KeyHelp 23.0, visitor IP addresses are generally no longer recorded when this option is activated.

Changed structure under "/home/users//logs/"

In KeyHelp versions prior to 23.0, the combined access.log and error.log of the user was located here.

With the upcoming update, a subdirectory will be created for each domain to store the access.log and error.log files for that domain.

Changes to the file "/etc/logrotate.d/keyhelp"

If you have modified this file manually, please note that it must be updated by the KeyHelp update in order to ensure the smooth operation of Logrotate.