KeyHelp® 23.0 – Change of domain protocols, new backup features and more

by Alexander Mahr

In the past few days, version 23.0 of the KeyHelp Server Control Panel has been released. Below you will find an overview of selected features and improvements of the new KeyHelp version.

  • Change of domain logs and web statistics
    With this update, statistics and log files are now available separately for each domain and subdomain.
    Previously, access and error logs as well as the statistics generated from them were provided bundled for all domains of a user.
    With KeyHelp 23.0 it is possible to view separate logs for each domain and subdomain and to call up the statistics for each domain of a user individually.

    For a detailed description of the new features, please see this article
  • New features in the backup system
    The backup system has been enhanced with further functions and improvements.
    Worth mentioning is the new compression feature, which is automatically active for all repositories newly created with KeyHelp 23.0 and can significantly reduce the required storage space for backups.
    Scheduled backups can now also be timed and executed on an hourly basis.
    Furthermore, there were additions to the backup options. Here you can now specify how much CPU power is to be used to create the backups.
  • Changes in the quota system
    The quota system has been completely revised. You can now see the current as well as the maximum number of files that can be stored within a user account.

    The maximum number depends on the configuration under "Configuration -> Quota".

    If a user account approaches or even exceeds the configured limit, the user will be informed about this incident both within the KeyHelp interface and by email.

    The corresponding email notification templates can be customized under "Configuration → Email Notifications".
  • Further features for the command line helper application
    With the console command "keyhelp" you have access to a utility with useful functions. The following new command is now available as of KeyHelp 23.0:

    keyhelp db-login

    This command creates a URL that allows you to log in to the database administration interface (phpMyAdmin or Adminer) immediately without having to enter a username or password first.

    The KeyHelp Toolbox is also available as an interactive console application. Here, further improvements have also been added with the update.

    You can call this application via the CLI command "keyhelp-toolbox".
  • Query of DNS records
    Already in the last update the functionality of KeyHelp was extended with a tool that allows you to get more detailed information about an IP address. The update to KeyHelp 23.0 now adds another tool that allows you to retrieve the DNS records of a hostname.

    You can find this tool in "Tools" → "DNS query".

An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at