KeyHelp® 23.1 / 23.1.1 - Monitoring and expansion of system status features

by Alexander Mahr

In the past few days, the new KeyHelp main version 23.1 / 23.1.1 was released. Below you will find an overview of selected features and improvements in the new KeyHelp version.

  • Monitoring of important system metrics
    The monitoring feature allows you to keep an eye on and monitor the most important metrics of your system. Data such as CPU, disk, and memory usage, as well as many others, are collected at regular intervals and then displayed in appealing charts for the desired time interval. This allows you to easily identify resource bottlenecks and react accordingly.

    This feature is only available on systems with a KeyHelp Pro license and can be found under "System Status -> Monitoring".
  • New webmail client SnappyMail
    An alternative webmail client called SnappyMail is now available for KeyHelp servers. SnappyMail represents a significant improvement over the webmail client RainLoop. Compared to RainLoop, SnappyMail is faster, more secure, more modern, and actively developed. SnappyMail is almost identical to RainLoop in terms of operation and user interface, so transitioning should not pose any obstacles for its users. Since the RainLoop webmail software is no longer being developed by the RainLoop developers, it is strongly recommended to switch to SnappyMail or Roundcube.

    The change of the webmail client can be made under "Configuration -> Webmail".
  • Monitoring the email protocol through the KeyHelp interface
    With KeyHelp, you can now directly access the log entries of your email server located at /var/log/mail.log through the user interface in the easiest way possible. You also have the option of real-time monitoring, allowing you to track the activities of the mail server live and search for specific occurrences if needed, without having to log in to the server via SSH.

    You can find this feature under "System Status -> Email Protocol".
  • Access to port and socket monitoring
    This new feature provides KeyHelp administrators with a quick way to get an overview of open TCP and UDP ports on the server. Through the KeyHelp interface, you can easily see which service is listening on which port, efficiently identifying any server issues at a glance. This feature serves as a user-friendly alternative to the popular Linux commands "ss -tulpen" / "netstat -tulpen" without the need to use the console.

    You can find this feature under "System Status -> Port Monitoring / Socket Statistics".
  • KeyHelp now also available in Portuguese
    With this update, the language options for KeyHelp have been expanded to include Portuguese. Special thanks go to ID Digital for the Portuguese translation. KeyHelp is now available in 18 different languages.

An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at

Notice for systems running Ubuntu 18

Please be aware that support for Ubuntu 18 has already been discontinued by the operating system manufacturer. KeyHelp will also no longer support this operating system with the release of KeyHelp 23.1.1. Systems running Ubuntu 18 will no longer receive any further KeyHelp updates.

It is mandatory to upgrade the operating system to at least Ubuntu 20.04 in order to ensure the security of your server in the future and to benefit from new KeyHelp features.

An upgrade guide can be found here:

Notice for users of the old backup system

Please note that the old backup system will be phased out starting in 2024. Since mid-2021, KeyHelp has provided a completely revamped backup system that surpasses the capabilities of the old system in every way. It is recommended to switch to the new backup system to ensure optimal protection against data loss in the future. If you are still using the old system, it is advisable to consider switching to the new system in the medium term.