KeyHelp® 23.2 – Debian 12 support, WebAuthn and much more

by Alexander Mahr

In the last few days version 23.2 of the KeyHelp Server Control Panel has been released. With this update KeyHelp supports the recently released Debian 12 (codename "Bookworm").

Below you will find an overview of selected new features of the new KeyHelp version.

  • Support for Debian 12
    From now on you can install and run KeyHelp on a Debian 12 equipped system.

    As usual, a manual and an upgrade script will be provided soon to ensure a smooth transition from Debian 11 to Debian 12. The release of this script is scheduled for the end of October and will be accompanied by an announcement here.

    Please never perform a distribution upgrade manually, but always use a script provided at
  • [Debian 12 only] Converting the email system to use Rspamd
    With the installation of KeyHelp on a Debian 12 system, a modernized email protection system is now available. This system works more powerful, more fail-safe and offers more effective methods in the fight against spam emails than the previous solution.

    In addition, you can get an overview of the operation and effectiveness of spam and virus protection on your server at any time by accessing the "Rspamd web interface".

    You can access the overview under "System status" → "Rspamd web interface".

    Please note: This feature is currently only available on Debian 12 systems. With the release of Ubuntu 24.04 next year, this feature will also be available for systems running the Ubuntu operating system.
  • Passwordless login using WebAuthn
    KeyHelp's latest version provides you with a modern and secure authentication alternative to the usual login with password.

    If you choose this method of logging in to KeyHelp, all you need is your username and a hardware or software authenticator (Fido2 stick, biometric identification by your smartphone, etc.). There is no need to remember and enter a password.

    Navigate to your profile settings and select the "Web Authentication" tab to register an authenticator.
  • Selectable DKIM selector per domain
    DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a method of verifying the authenticity of email. It works by adding a digital signature to the header of an email message. The DKIM selector is a part of this signature and specifies which specific DKIM key should be used for verification.

    From now on, KeyHelp allows you to specify the DKIM selector of a domain individually. This allows you to use multiple servers to send emails from a domain. Due to the different DKIM selectors that can be set, the authenticity of the emails of each server can thus be ensured.

    You can find the setting in the KeyHelp administration area under: "Domains" → "Add/Edit Domain" → "Email" → "DKIM Selector"
  • KeyHelp is now also available in Hungarian
    With this update, a new language has been added to KeyHelp. Special thanks go to Madarász László for providing the Hungarian translation.
    KeyHelp is now available in 19 different languages.


An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at


Note for users of the webmailer RainLoop

Since the RainLoop webmail software is no longer under development by the RainLoop developers, it is strongly recommended to switch to one of the webmail alternatives SnappyMail or Roundcube.

SnappyMail is almost identical to RainLoop in terms of operation and user interface, but is faster, more secure as well as more modern in comparison and is being actively developed further.

The change of the webmail client can be done under "Configuration" -> "Webmail".

Note for users of the old backup system

Please note that the old backup system will be retired from the year 2024.
KeyHelp offers a completely renewed backup system since mid-2021, which is superior to the old backup system in every respect. It is recommended to switch to the new backup system in order to be optimally protected against data loss in the future. If you are still using the old system, you should consider switching in a timely manner.