KeyHelp® 24.0 - New notification options, domain and email management improvements and more

by Alexander Mahr

We are pleased to announce the latest major release of KeyHelp, version 24.0. This version offers many new features and improvements. Here is a brief overview of some of the new features.

  • Easy domain ownership change
    This new feature allows KeyHelp administrators to change the owner of a domain with just a few mouse clicks. This includes transferring the domain and its settings from one customer account to another, as well as associated resources such as email addresses.

    You can find this feature under "Domains" → "Open domain for editing" → "Edit owner".
  • Further processing of KeyHelp notifications
    With this new function, you can process all email notifications sent by KeyHelp according to your wishes.
    First you define a webhook URL. This URL is then contacted by KeyHelp with the corresponding event data for each notification event that occurs.

    Under the webhook URL, you can than define the individual additional processing of the data according to your requirements. You can integrate web automation tools or program your own processing.
    For example, you can forward important KeyHelp notifications to a messenger service of your choice.

    This feature can be found under "Configuration" → "Notifications" → "General settings" → "Webhook URL".
  • Debian 12 | Reactivation of the email black/whitelists feature
    The feature that allows incoming emails to be marked as spam based on black/whitelists was previously not available for Debian 12 systems.
    With the current update, email addresses can now again be configured to be recognized either as spam (blacklist) or not as spam (whitelist).

    For Debian 12 systems previously running Debian 11 with activated email blacklists/whitelists, this feature was automatically reactivated in the course of the update to KeyHelp 24.0.

    This feature can be found under "Configuration" → "Email server" → "Spam protection through email address blacklists/whitelists".
  • Cleaning up forwarding email accounts
    If you have an email mailbox and have later converted it into a forwarding account, emails left behind could take up valuable storage space.
    With the latest update, an option has been added that allows you to delete the emails left behind in these forwarding mailboxes with just one click. This way, you can effectively save storage space.

    This feature can be found under "KeyHelp client area" → "Email addresses" → "Actions column" →"Additional icon for forwarding accounts".
  • Improvement for the domain creation process
    When a new domain or subdomain is created, KeyHelp now automatically suggests a target directory whose name corresponds to the name of the domain.
    This feature is particularly helpful for less experienced users as it helps to keep their home directory organized. It also supports the organization and separation of multiple web projects.

    This feature is automatically activated when a new domain is created.
  • Email security vulnerability: SMTP Smuggling
    With the latest update, the email server has been secured against the recently reported "SMTP Smuggling" vulnerability. The mail server is now equipped with specific configuration directives that prevent this vulnerability from being exploited.
    This protective measure was automatically activated on all servers as part of the update.
  • Change to the email alias function
    In previous versions of KeyHelp, it was possible to add alias addresses from other domains (e.g. within an email account (e.g. With the update to KeyHelp version 24.0, this function has been changed. Now only alias addresses of the same domain can be created under the domain of an email account.
    This change was necessary to enable new functions.
    As part of the update, email accounts that used this function were restructured accordingly and new forwarding accounts were created from the alias to the original email account. Despite these changes, the previous functionality will of course be retained.

You can find an overview of all changes in the change log at