An overview of
the KeyHelp functions

KeyHelp® functions for everyone

KeyHelp® functions for administrators

KeyHelp® functions for web hosts

KeyHelp® functions for developers

KeyHelp functions for everyone

Email management

This function allows you to create and manage email accounts. Virus protection and self-learning spam protection ensure the security of your email accounts. Spam folders and the recycle bin are cleaned automatically, so that annoying emptying is no longer necessary. The email auto-configuration function makes it easy to configure email clients.

Domain management

Manage any number of domains. A wide range of options is available to you: Add subdomains to your domains, make security settings (SSL/TLS certificates, HSTS) and Perl settings and define individual DNS settings. You can also assign PHP interpreters and configure web server settings.

User interface

KeyHelp's user-friendly responsive design provides you with optimal ease of use whether you are accessing it from a desktop or a mobile device.

Database administration

Manage your databases and enable remote access when needed.

File management

With the help of the file manager, web content can be managed directly via the browser. The extensive functions include the file editor with syntax highlighting, image viewer, audio player, unpacking archives, creating folders and files, downloading files and directories, etc.

FTP user management

Create and manage as many users, individual accesses and home directories as you like.

Scheduled tasks/ cronjob management

Using cronjobs, you can have commands and scripts executed automatically at set times.

Online tools

Various online tools such as phpMyAdmin and Adminer make it easy for you to administer your databases. The webmail client software Roundcube and Rainloop are used for the simple and location-independent administration of your mails via the browser.


A structured statistics area offers traffic statistics for HTTP, FTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP and provides an overview of domain accesses and error logs.


Thanks to the international KeyHelp community, KeyHelp can be used in many languages. These include English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and many more.

All-round security

Account security

Protect your account from unauthorised access: With the help of 2-factor authentication, login brute force protection and the restriction of administrative access, you are on the safe side. In addition, you can provide further security by setting up an SSH key.

Data protection

In accordance with data protection regulations, IP addresses in web server logs and statistics can be anonymised in a data protection-compliant manner.

Directory protection

Create individual accesses to protect your directories from unauthorised access.

SSL/ TLS certificate management

SSL/ TLS certificate management

You can easily add your SSL/TLS certificates via the KeyHelp interface and keep track of all activities. In addition, you are notified in good time before the expiry date of your certificates.

Let's Encrypt

You can also integrate free Let's Encrypt certificates for securing domains and server services with KeyHelp and have them renewed completely autonomously.


Make all the settings you need for backing up your data with just a few clicks via KeyHelp. Determine how often, whether once or regularly, backups should be carried out and where they should be stored (remote server or locally). Both server and client backups can be carried out as required.

KeyHelp functions for administrators

User administration

With KeyHelp, you can create and manage any number of user, customer and administrator accounts and provide them with individual resources and permissions.


Save valuable time: The installer allows you to install and configure all the services needed to run your server completely automatically.

Command line interface

In addition to the user interface, selected KeyHelp functions can be controlled via a CLI interface.

Firewall management

You manage the control of your individual firewall rules via the KeyHelp UI.

Maintenance mode

Planned work on your server or the KeyHelp UI can be carried out at your leisure using the included maintenance mode.


The monitoring function lets you keep a close eye on all your server services: From system status display, service/ port monitoring and hard disk utilisation analysis to web server monitoring and email queue to process manager as well as the event log are monitored and visualised.


For the current status of your server services and hardening of server service configurations, KeyHelp updates can be applied automatically.

Server service management

The server services management function allows you to start, stop and view the status of your server services.

Server security

In order to manage your server securely at all times, you have the option of defining various firewall settings, regularly updating your server services and setting anti-virus protection.

LS version/ Cipher management

You can individually decide which security level you would like to set for your server.

User notification function

If you want to send important information to the users of your server or web space accounts, you can easily send notifications to all existing user accounts.

Extensive server settings

KeyHelp allows you to make extensive settings around your server. Conveniently set up email servers, make PHP settings, install additional PHP interpreters and change the host name. Create the RAM drive and set up web servers and much more in an uncomplicated way.

Community forum

A unique community is behind you! If you need tips on administrative problems, many other KeyHelp fans are on hand to help you in the active KeyHelp forum. Enter into direct discourse with like-minded people via the forum and feel free to express your wishes regarding the server control panel at any time.

KeyHelp functions
for web hosts

Individual permissions

Decide for yourself which user should have which rights. Assign your users very individual permissions.

Template system

The template system helps you to create individual email and account templates as well as standard domain pages.


You can save work and unnecessary time with numerous automatic processes: Users can be deleted or blocked on a scheduled basis. Domains can also be deleted at a set time.


With the white-label function, you can tailor the server hosting tool to your design ideas: Use your own logo and adapt styles and functions to your own wishes and needs. In addition, you can also develop your own themes.

KeyHelp functions for developers

PHP support

Individual PHP settings can be made for each of your created user accounts. The PHP interpreter versions can also be updated regularly.


If you would like to have other software components interact with the KeyHelp server hosting panel for your personal purpose, the REST API provides you with the interface to interact with 3rd party software. With the help of the REST API, you can automate various KeyHelp functions so that the hosting panel can be optimally integrated into your own business processes.

Code editing

As a developer, you have the option of editing application code directly via the browser with the server control software KeyHelp. The embedded editor also offers syntax highlighting for numerous programming languages.

HTTP/2 Support

The HTTP/2 support reliably ensures both improved loading times and speed, as well as increased efficiency and security of data transmissions.