General Terms and Conditions of Keyweb AG

General terms and conditions of the company Keyweb AG

Our basis
for balanced business processes.

General terms and conditions of the company Keyweb AG

Our basis
for balanced business processes

General terms and conditions of the company Keyweb AG

Our basis
for balanced business processes

Part I

General Terms and Conditions of Keyweb AG

1. Scope


The following General Terms and Conditions of Keyweb AG, Neuwerkstraße 45-46, D-99084 Erfurt, shall apply to all and any services offered by Keyweb AG. Keyweb AG’s domain registration conditions shall additionally apply to the domain registration procedure. Keyweb AG’s special web hosting tariff conditions shall additionally apply to the web hosting tariff.


Keyweb AG’s General Terms and Conditions shall also apply where the customer him/herself uses General Terms and Conditions and these are opposed to or derogate from Keyweb AG’s General Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions shall also apply where Keyweb AG becomes aware of opposing conditions of the customer or conditions of the customer derogating from the conditions stated herein and nonetheless performs the customer’s order without reservations. Derogating or opposing General Terms and Conditions of foreign contracting partners shall also not become a component of the contract. This shall apply unless they are confirmed in writing by Keyweb AG by letter mail.


Keyweb AG’s General Terms and Conditions shall also be included in future contracts with previous customers without this necessitating a separate agreement to this end.


Keyweb AG is entitled to change these terms and conditions unilaterally, to the extent necessary for the elimination of any resulting disruption of the equivalence mandate or to adapt to changes in the legal or technical framework conditions. Keyweb AG shall inform the Customer of any change by communicating the content of the amended provisions to the most recently known e-mail address of the Customer. The change will be an integral part of the contract, if the Customer does not notify us in written or electronic form of his objection to its inclusion in the contractual relationship within six weeks after receipt of the notice of change.

2. Conclusion, term and termination of contract


Either the sending of the order form created online in written form to Keyweb AG or the transmission of an electronic statement where this is offered shall be deemed as a commission from the customer for taking up a service of Keyweb AG. A commission shall only be deemed to have been accepted with legal effectiveness when Keyweb AG explicitly states its acceptance or on provision of the service and making the service available by Keyweb AG, e.g. by sending the access data.


Unless otherwise agreed, the term of the contract shall be four (4) weeks. The contract can be ordinarily terminated by both contracting partners at any time with a notice period of 14 days to the end of the respective contract term or of the advance payment period. If no termination is made, the contract shall be automatically extended, depending on the accounting period and the respective payment method. If the contract is not terminated prior to expiry of the contract term, it shall be extended by the contractually-agreed term, but by a maximum of one (1) year.


The contract term selected by the customer shall also be the accounting period as usual. Depending on the contract term and on the resultant accounting period, Keyweb AG shall grant to the customer a discount of up to 20 percent on the marked products. If a minimum contract duration of more than 4 weeks has been agreed, the billing period can be selected independently of the minimum contract duration. The billing period can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual or biennial..


If the contractual relationship is ended prior to expiry of the agreed contract term by means of termination by Keyweb AG because of conduct on the part of the customer that is in breach of contract, the latter shall be obliged to pay the contractually-agreed remuneration for the period from the early termination date until the contractual termination date. Where the customer was granted a price reduction, this shall not be taken into account when calculating the remuneration claim.


Keyweb AG shall be entitled, at its option, either to calculate the specific damage which it has incurred as a result of the early termination of the contract, or to demand a lump-sum compensation amount.


If Keyweb AG opts for a lump-sum compensation amount, the customer shall pay 15 percent of the remuneration due for the time from the early termination of the contract until the contractual termination date, without applying any discount. The customer shall however be explicitly permitted to prove that no damage has been incurred or that such damage is considerably less than that asserted with the 15-percent lump-sum compensation amount.


Keyweb AG herewith reserves the right to assert further statutory claims regardless of the above provision.


The right of both parties to extraordinary termination for cause shall remain unaffected thereby. Cause shall apply to Keyweb AG in particular where the customer

a. culpably acts in breach of a contractual obligation, despite a reminder;
b. fails to remedy a breach of contract or rights violation within a suitable period, despite a reminder.


Both ordinary and extraordinary termination shall require to be in writing in order to be effective. Customers can also cancel by e-mail, if the electronic form referred to in Section 126a of the Civil Code is sufficient (so-called qualified electronic signature). Alternatively, ordinary notice of termination can also be submitted by the Customer (due and proper notice at the end of the contract) in the form of "online termination" via the integrated ticket system in the customer menu or by fax or signed pdf document. Consumers within the meaning of Section 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB) can always also terminate the relationship in text form, notwithstanding the preceding paragraph. Once the termination has been received, the customer shall receive a written confirmation of receipt, stating the end of the contract, via the ticket system, e-mail or post.


Partly derogating conditions regarding termination shall apply to the domain registration relationship, which are drawn up in separate Domain Business Conditions.

3. Services to be provided by Keyweb AG


Keyweb AG must meet its service obligations in line with the service description of the respective product.


2. Keyweb AG shall provide to the customer a dedicated, operational computer system or storage space on a virtual server, based on the Keymachine®, in a computer centre. Keyweb AG’s responsibility here shall consist of making available to the public the data from the customer stored in accordance with the contract via the network maintained by Keyweb AG and the Internet linked therewith. Network availability shall be at least 99 % averaged over the year to the point of transfer to the Internet. The customer is herewith notified that Keyweb AG is only responsible for availability insofar as the impossibility of access is caused by the part of the network which it operates or by the webserver itself. Keyweb AG shall be obliged to take all reasonable action to guarantee the maintenance of network operation and network integrity.


Keyweb AG shall remain entitled to expand services, to take action to adjust the services to technical developments and/or to make improvements. This shall apply above all if an adjustment appears necessary in order to prevent abuse, or if statutory provisions oblige Keyweb AG to effect adjustments.


Keyweb AG herewith undertakes to only provide technical support to the customer in the context of what has been contractually agreed. Keyweb AG shall not provide any further free support unless other agreements were made in writing.


If Keyweb AG provides additional services without additional charges, the Customer shall have no right to require their provision. The Provider is entitled, within an appropriate period, to change services previously provided free of charge, or to only offer them for a fee. In this case, the Provider shall inform the Customer in a timely manner.

4. General obligations of the customer


The customer must meet the following obligations, amongst others.


The customer shall provide to the provider his/her full name and a postal address at which documents may be served (not a P.O. Box or other anonymous address), e-mail address and telephone number. The customer herewith warrants that the information provided by him/her is correct and complete. He/she herewith undertakes to inform Keyweb AG promptly of any change to the contact data provided, as well as to the further data required to implement the contract. Alterations to data may be made via the customer menu or via a report to Keyweb AG by post, fax or e-mail.


Where data of the customer are transmitted to or stored on the Keyweb AG account/server, Keyweb AG herewith points to the need to make backup copies. To this end, Keyweb AG recommends the customer to make backups at regular intervals on their own responsibility. Keyweb AG does not create automatic backups of individual customer data, unless the customer instructs Keyweb AG to create these on a regular basis.


If the customer commissions Keyweb AG to back up the data, the customer must examine the data backed up by Keyweb AG promptly and at regular intervals for completeness and suitability for data reconstruction. The customer must inform Keyweb AG of any deviations immediately.


The customer shall receive a login name and a login password to maintain his/her account/server. He/she shall be obliged to treat these confidentially, that is to keep the passwords that have been received secret and to change them regularly. The customer shall be liable for any misuse resulting from the unauthorised use of the password. The customer shall inform Keyweb AG promptly as soon as he/she learns that the password is known to unauthorised third parties.


Keyweb AG cannot maintain the server if the customer has sole administrator rights. The customer hence shall have sole responsibility for the content and security of the server. The customer herewith enters into the obligation to set up and maintain his/her servers in such a way that the security, integrity and availability of the networks, other servers, as well as software and data of third parties or of Keyweb AG, are not placed at risk. It shall be his/her obligation to install security software, to regularly obtain information on security loopholes which become known and to close known security loopholes. If Keyweb AG provides security or maintenance programs, this shall not release the customer from his/her obligation.


The customer shall have sole responsibility for the domain itself, as well as for all and any content which the customer keeps in accessible form or stores on the webserver. This shall also apply where the content is stored on another webserver than Keyweb AG and is only available via a domain or sub-domain that is registered via Keyweb AG. Within his/her obligation to adhere to the statutory and contractual provisions, the customer shall also be responsible for the conduct of third parties operating on his/her behalf, in particular of vicarious agents and assistants. This shall also apply to other third parties to whom he/she knowingly provides access data to the services of the provider. The customer may not invoke having carefully selected and regularly monitored his/her vicarious agents/assistants. Keyweb AG shall not be obliged to check the customer’s webserver for any breaches.

5. Utilisation, adherence to statutory provisions, third-party rights


The customer is aware that the structure of the Internet makes it possible to tap into data that are transmitted. Keyweb AG shall not be liable for breaches of the confidentiality of e-mail messages or of information transmitted by other means.


The customer herewith releases Keyweb AG from all and any liability vis-à-vis third parties for the content of web sites transmitted to the account/server.


The customer shall not breach valid laws, principles of morality and third-party rights, such as copyright, trademark rights, rights to names, data protection rights, etc., with its Internet presence, the content that is available, data that are stored and banners that are used.

The Customer also undertakes not to use the resources made available by the Provider for activities that violate legal prohibitions, public decency and the rights of third parties. These include the following actions in particular:

  1. phishing sites and/or an open mail relay (mail server that accepts e-mails from any computer and forwards them to any third parties) or a similar system that may enable SPAM e-mails to be disseminated;
  2. unauthorised intrusion into foreign computer systems (e.g. hacking);
  3. obstructing foreign computer systems by sending/forwarding data streams and/or e-mails (e.g. DoS/DDoS attacks/spam/Mail Bombing);
  4. searching for open access to computer systems (for example, port scanning);
  5. sending e-mails to third parties for advertising purposes, except with the explicit consent of the recipient, or if it is allowed by law;
  6. providing content which is harmful to children; publishing adult content without consulting the provider;
  7. counterfeiting IP addresses, mail headers and news headers and also the spread of malicious software.

In case of breaches of valid law, Keyweb AG may terminate the contract without giving notice and immediately block the account/server. In such a case, all and any services shall be ceased with immediate effect and access to the customer’s information blocked. Contrary to No. 2 § 8 of these General Terms and Conditions, no prior warning shall be necessary therefore. This does not affect the payment obligation of the Customer. Claims for damages on the part of the Provider are expressly reserved.


The Customer undertakes to refrain from "spamming" using systems of the Provider as well as using domains that are registered by the Provider. "Spamming" is present when e-mails are sent without the prior explicit and concrete written consent of the respective addressee, unless an exception has been indicated in accordance with Section 7 paragraph 3 of the German Law against Unfair Competition (UWG). The Customer is responsible for providing proof of the consent of the respective recipient or of the requirements of Section 7(3) of the UWG. The Customer is also forbidden to promote or to allow others to promote via spamming any content that is retrieved via a domain registered by the Provider or through the Provider’s systems.


If the Customer himself manages, sets up or distributes licences on the servers, he is exclusively responsible for obtaining the correct licences.

6. Invoicing, payment, payment arrears


Customers shall receive their invoice on provision of the service and/or delivery of the goods, e.g. when access data are sent. Payment shall be effected as a matter of principle via the agreed payment method (credit card/transfer – invoice/PayPal/SEPA direct debit within Europe) and by the due dates. Transfers shall be deemed to have made in good time when the amount is credited to Keyweb AG’s account. This shall also apply to cheque payments.


Customers who have selected the SEPA direct debit procedure for payments within Europe shall receive a corresponding mandate reference to carry out the SEPA mandate (Single Euro Payments Area). In conjunction with the Keyweb AG Creditor Identifier, these identifiers are used to collect SEPA direct debits both as an entitlement and to collect a direct debit. With regard to invoices that are due, Keyweb AG shall additionally provide appropriate debiting information in the customer menu at least one day prior to the due date. The customer herewith undertakes to ensure sufficient account balance.


Unless otherwise agreed, invoices shall be due for payment within 7 (seven) calendar days after their receipt. If the customer is a trader, Keyweb AG shall be entitled in the event of payment arrears to charge default interest of 8 percentage points above the base rate p.a., but at least 5 percent per year, from the due date until the payment is received. If the customer falls behind with the payment of an invoice which is due, all and any outstanding invoices shall become due for immediate payment. Keyweb AG shall be entitled to charge a reminder fee of 8.00 € per reminder. This shall not apply to the first reminder. In the event of a correct direct debit being returned, the direct debit debtor can be charged the cost of the chargeback in accordance with the statutory provisions. Should the credit card transaction be refused by the credit card-issuing bank, the customer shall also pay the return fees incurred.


Should it become evident subsequent to conclusion of the contract that justified doubt exists as to the ability of the customer to pay, Keyweb AG shall be entitled to refuse to provide services until the customer has made an advance payment.


The customer shall receive from Keyweb AG for the service period an electronic invoice in the customer menu (KCP). The invoice can be downloaded and printed out. The online invoice shall be deemed to have been received by the customer as soon as it is available to him/her in his/her customer area of the KCP and has hence become available to him/her. The customer herewith declares his/her consent thereto. Should the customer wish to receive the invoice by post, Keyweb AG shall be entitled to charge a suitable fee therefor per accounting period.


Keyweb AG’s claim to remuneration shall not be affected by a temporary period of blockage of services for a period which is relatively inconsiderable. The customer shall not have any claims for defects in this case. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply if the temporary blockage of services was caused by gross negligence or intent by Keyweb AG.


Where, despite having received a reminder, the customer does not effect a payment that is due within the subsequent period set in the reminder, Keyweb AG shall be entitled, regardless of further statutory claims, to refuse to provide services to be provided by Keyweb AG where the subsequent period has expired without event, until the payment that is due has been received, plus the payment of any reminder fees, default interest and any other default compensation, and in particular to cease any outstanding deliveries and to block accounts/servers.


Keyweb AG shall be entitled to effect suitable fee increases. These shall be deemed to be suitable if they must be carried out as a result of statutory amendments (e.g. increase in VAT rate) or for other unavoidable reasons. If the customer is a consumer, the price increase may be a maximum of 10 % of the previous net price. The consent of the customer must be obtained for any fee increase. Consent shall be deemed to have been given if the customer does not object to the increase within one (1) month of receiving the amendment notification. Keyweb AG herewith undertakes to notify the customer with the amendment notification of the consequences of failing to object. If an objection to the price increase is received from the customer, Keyweb AG shall have a special right of termination. This clause shall not apply to services which are to be provided within four months of conclusion of the contract unless this relates to the provision of services in the context of continuing contracts.


Private customers will be charged the applicable VAT rate for their respective EU country.

7. Guarantees, maintenance work


In order to be able to ensure the guaranteed availability, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance work on the network infrastructure. To this end, Keyweb AG may temporarily interrupt or restrict its services. The benchmark that is applied is to plan and implement such work for the benefit of the customer. Should this not be possible in the case of longer work, Keyweb AG shall inform the customer of the nature, extent and duration of the impairment. Should it not be possible to inform the customer comprehensively and immediately in the case of unforeseeable incidents, Keyweb AG shall be entitled to not inform the customer until a notification would not cause a delay to remedying the restrictions. If it is not immediately possible to inform the Customer in the case of unforeseeable events, Keyweb AG shall be entitled to fully inform the Customer only when the technical limitation has been resolved, to avoid the actual clarification procedure leading to an additional delay in resolving the limitation due to provision of a parallel report to the Customer.


Should the customer notice faults, he/she shall be obliged to inform Keyweb AG promptly thereof and to support Keyweb AG in remedying any such faults. The customer shall take all appropriate action to ensure that his/her data are backed up.


Keyweb AG shall not provide any guarantee that the account/server is suitable or permanently available for a specific service or for specific software. Keyweb AG however guarantees vis-à-vis the customer that the hardware and software used or provided by Keyweb AG works at the time of provision under the pertaining operational conditions and with normal maintenance.


If the functionality of the product is impaired because of content which is not in compliance with the contract or because of utilisation over and above that which is provided for in the contract (No. 5 (3)), the customer shall not be entitled to make Keyweb AG responsible for disruptions caused thereby. In the event of force majeure, Keyweb AG shall be released from the service obligation. This shall include in particular official acts where these are not caused by culpability on the part of Keyweb AG.

8. Liability


Regardless of the legal cause, Keyweb AG shall only be liable in accordance with the provisions below.


Keyweb AG or one of its vicarious agents shall only be liable in accordance with the statutory provisions in case of intent and gross negligence. Should Keyweb AG or one of its vicarious agents breach a major contractual obligation, i.e. a “cardinal duty”, in a manner that is injurious to the purpose of the contract, liability shall be limited to the typical damage which Keyweb AG could sensibly predict on conclusion of the contract, unless the breach of duty was committed with intent or gross negligence.


This liability limitation shall not apply to an injury to life, limb and/or health or in case of liability in accordance with the provisions of the Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz).


Keyweb AG cannot assume any liability for disruptions of the Internet.


The provision on liability contained in section 44a of the Telecommunications Act (Telekommunikationsgesetz – TKG) shall remain unaffected in all cases within the scope of the Telecommunications Act.

9. Release

The customer herewith undertakes to release Keyweb AG from all and any third-party claims resulting from unlawful or right-violating acts on the part of the customer or content errors resulting from the information provided him/her. This shall apply in particular to violations of copyright, trademark rights, rights to names, data protection rights and competition rights.

10. Prohibition of set-off

The customer may only set off a claim of Keyweb AG that is uncontested or has been finally and non-appealably established.

11. Copyrights, licence agreements


Keyweb AG herewith grants to the customer a non-exclusive right of utilisation that is limited to the term of the contract for the own and third-party software provided. Where Keyweb AG does not consent to the assumption of contract, transfers as well as the granting of sub-licences to third parties are not permitted. If the contractual relationship has ended, the further utilisation is herewith prohibited. The customer shall delete copies of software that has been provided after termination of the contract.


For open source programs, the valid licence terms of the provider of the software shall additionally apply. The Provider shall make these available to the Customer on request. Insofar as the terms and conditions of the software provider are in breach of these terms and conditions, the terms of the software provider shall take precedence.


The provisions contained in the licences of the respective software manufacturers and, where relevant, Keyweb AG’s additional manufacture and/or software-specific conditions, shall furthermore apply.

12. Data protection

Keyweb AG shall collect, process and utilise personal data of the customer within the statutory provisions on data protection. Additional information for data processing and data protection is available in Keyweb AG’s data protection declaration at Data Protection Declaration.

13. Venue, applicable law


On proviso that the customer is a registered trader, a legal entity under public law or a special asset body under public law, Erfurt shall be the exclusive venue for all and any disputes arising from and in connection with the contractual relationship between the contracting parties. Keyweb AG shall be furthermore entitled to file an action against the customer at his/her general court venue.


The law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), shall apply to contracts concluded by Keyweb AG on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions and the entire legal relations between Keyweb AG and customers.


Keyweb AG is not obliged and not willing to participate in dispute resolution proceedings with a consumer protection authority as provided in §36 section 1 of the Consumer Dispute Settlement Act.

14. Other


The contracting parties herewith agree that, where the written form is provided for in contractual provisions between the parties, this is complied with by fax or letter mail, but not by e-mail.


All and any information and declarations on the part of Keyweb AG, with the exception of termination declarations, may be sent to the customer by electronic means, in particular via the KCP or by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the customer.

15. Age of majority

The customer explicitly declares by submitting his/her order that he/she has reached the age of 18 and hence has full capacity to contract. Should the customer not yet have reached the age of 18, he/she declares on submitting the order that he/she is entitled to do so. Keyweb AG herewith explicitly points to the possibility of criminal prosecution for giving false information.

16. Severability clause

Should provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and/or of the contract be or become ineffective, or should they contain a loophole needing filling, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected thereby. The contracting parties herewith undertake to reach a valid agreement to replace an ineffective provision the economic intention of which comes as close as possible to the ineffective provision.

Part II

Revocation of the consumer in distance contracts

Revocation Instruction

Right of Revocation

You have the right to cancel this contract within fourteen days without giving any reason.

The period for revocation is fourteen days. Provided that you make demands on our services, the time limit will be calculated from the date of contract. Provided that you order goods from us, the time limit will start on the day, on which you or a third party named by you, which is not the carrier, have taken in possession the last goods.

To exercise your right to revocation, you have to inform us, Keyweb AG, Neuwerkstraße 45/46, 99084 Erfurt, Telefon: [+49] 0361-65853-0, Telefax: [+49] 0361 - 6585388, Email:, by a clear explanation (for example letter sending by post, fax or pdf file) of your decision to withdraw from this contract. You can use the attached withdrawal form which is not mandatory, however.

To observe the revocation period it is sufficient that you send your communication concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal deadline.

Effects of Withdrawal

If you withdraw from this contract, we have to repay all payments we have received from you, including delivery costs (except the additional costs arising from the fact, that you have chosen a different type of delivery than the cheap standard delivery offered by us) without delay and at least within fourteen days from the day, on which we received your cancellation of this contract with us. For this repayment, we use the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless we expressly agreed otherwise with you; in no case you will be charged for these repayments. We may refuse to repay until we have received the returned goods or until you have given evidence that you have returned the goods, whichever is the earlier date.

You have to return the goods to us immediately and in any event not later than fourteen days from the date on which you notify us, Keyweb AG, Neuwerkstraße 45/46, 99084 Erfurt, of the cancellation of this contract. The deadline is met if you send back the goods before the period of fourteen days.

You bear the direct cost of returning the goods. The cost is estimated at a maximum of about 200.00 EUR per parcel.

You only need to pay for any diminished value of the goods, if this value loss is due to an unnecessary handling to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

Do you require that the services shall begin during the withdrawal period, you have to pay us a reasonable amount equivalent to the proportion, up to the time you inform us of the right of withdrawal in respect of this contract, corresponds to the service already provided in comparison to the total amount provided for in the contract services.

Model of Withdrawal: (pdf >>)

Form If you want to revoke the contract, then please fill out this form and send it back.

Keyweb AG, Neuwerkstraße 45/46, 99084 Erfurt
Telefax: +49 (0) 361 - 6585388

Hereby I / we revoke (*) the from me / us (*) concluded contract for the purchase of the following products (*) / services (*).

Ordered on (*)

received on (*)

Name of consumer (s)

Address of consumer (s)

Signature of consumer (s)


(*) Delete as applicable.

Part III

Keyweb AG Domain Registration Conditions


Keyweb AG’s information as to whether a specific domain is still free is provided by Keyweb AG on the basis of third-party information and only refers to the time when the information is consulted by Keyweb AG. The domain is not allocated to the customer until the domain has been registered for the customer and entered in the database of the respective Network Information Center (NIC).


Domain names are registered with the respective NIC by Keyweb AG or partners whom it commissions. The data for registration of domain names are transmitted to the respective NIC in an automatic procedure. The customer can only presume actual availability and allocation when this has been confirmed by the respective NIC or by Keyweb AG. Keyweb AG herewith rules out all liability and any warranty for the allocation of the domain names that have been ordered.


Insofar as the registration conditions contradict the present Keyweb AG general terms and conditions, the respective registration conditions must take precedence over the Keyweb AG GTCs.


The customer may give notice with regard to the agreement on the domain registration for domains registered via Keyweb AG in compliance with these domain registration conditions. The customer shall be entitled to transfer the domains to another provider where the latter offers the corresponding top-level domain and/or supports the change of provider in terms of the necessary circumstances and technical requirements.


A domain contract shall be established where:

a. webspace is ordered (storage space) with a 14-day notice period to the end of the appropriate advance payment period,
b. domains are ordered without webspace, additional domains for a webspace tariff and special top-level domains for a contract term of 12 (twelve) months with a notice period of 2 (two) to 6 (six) weeks prior to the end of the contract. The notice period necessary for the domain ending ordered will be communicated to the customer in writing by post at the same time as his/her first invoice is dispatched. Unless notice is given, the contract shall be automatically extended in each case, depending on the accounting period.
c. a virtual or dedicated server is ordered with access to domain registration tools. Further additional domains activated by the customer shall have a contract term of 12 (twelve) months from the time of registration. The customer shall assume the independent administration of any additional domains activated by the customer. The customer shall hence have sole responsibility for giving notice of his/her domains in good time. The respective additional de-domains activated by the customer must be terminated with a notice period of one day to the end of the contract term as well as all other domain endings with a period of two to six weeks to the end of the contract term. If the customer does not make use of the domain registration tool, the customer must commission Keyweb AG at least 2 (two) working days prior to the start of the respective notice period with the termination of his/her domains.


The Customer is obliged to reasonably play a role in the registration, transfer and cancellation of domains, as well in changes to entries in the databases of the contracting authoritie


Once a year, Keyweb AG sends an e-mail to remind customers to check the stored Whois data for up-to-dateness and completeness.


The Customer guarantees that his domains and retrievable content do not violate legal regulations or infringe the rights of third parties. Depending on the type of domains or the objectives of the associated content, other national laws must be observed. Should it be substantiated by a third party that the domains or content infringe their rights, or if Keyweb AG believes that an infringement is likely based on objective circumstances, Keyweb AG can temporarily disable the content and take measures to make the domain inaccessible.


As a matter of principle, the termination of the contractual relationship with Keyweb AG shall not affect any registration contract existing between the customer (domain owner) and the respective NIC regarding a domain. Termination instructions regarding the registration relationship must nonetheless be addressed to Keyweb AG in written form since Keyweb AG maintains the domain for the domain owner and forwards messages from the domain owner, including contract terminations, to the respective NIC. De-Domains will be returned to Denic after the notice of termination has expired, unless there is a written deletion request beforehand or the domain is moved to another provider.


If a domain is not terminated in good time, the term of the domain registration shall be automatically extended by the length of the respective accounting period. In this case, the customer’s obligation of remuneration for the period of the extension shall be unchanged. to Denic after the notice of termination has expired, unless there is a written deletion request beforehand or the domain is moved to another provider.


In the event of a protracted delay in payment, we reserve the right to return the domains to the appropriate NIC. If a domain is transferred back to Keyweb AG, the full annual fee shall again become due.


Keyweb AG reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this registration agreement. You acknowledge that registration requirements can be added in order to comply with new registration guidelines, ICANN policies or the observance of Public Interest Commitments (PICs). Amendments shall come into force immediately after their publication on the website. Your rights and obligations as defined by ICANN can be found here:

as of: February 21, 2019