The risk of data loss affects every company

Is your company booming and is your IT infrastructure stable and well structured? Perhaps you are just starting to build up your IT. Whatever phase you are currently in, you should be aware of this:

Whether by cyber criminals or an internal incident – your business-critical data and therefore the foundation of your company could be lost overnight without notice. The consequences without a functioning backup solution that is precisely tailored to your requirements would be disastrous.

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With a reliable and customised backup solution, companies protect themselves against:

  • loss of revenue due to the unavailability of the IT infrastructure
  • business disruptions that jeopardise customer satisfaction
  • negative Google rankings due to the inaccessibility of the website
  • long downtimes during data recovery
  • temporary or complete business closure due to irretrievable loss of data
  • other consequences such as damaged reputations

The hosting company Keyweb AG supports companies that want to prevent this from happening by planning and implementing their individual backup strategy, which not only ensures that all relevant data is stored securely in an emergency, but also that it is available again quickly and completely after a data loss.

In addition to the KeyDisc Pro backup storage, Keyweb AG also offers its customers a managed backup service. This includes not only setting up the best possible backup, but also realising the backup intervals and retention times for sensitive company data. The success of the backups is also regularly monitored and, if required, the data is restored once a month free of charge.

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