Further development of the KeyHelp® server control panel

Last week we released the latest KeyHelp version 21.1.
This version of the server control panel includes the long-awaited brand new backup system, a new e-mail notification system and various other features.

The new backup management offers numerous advantages compared to the previous backup system. From now on, incremental backups can be created, so that only the data whose contents have changed are backed up. Since the new system uses less storage space, it saves valuable resources. The CPU is also loaded many times less than before due to the incremental structure. Calculation-intensive compressions are no longer necessary.
Furthermore, it is now possible to adjust the scope of the backup individually according to one's own wishes and, in addition, to exclude files and directories from the backup. On the KeyHelp administration interface, backed-up data can be restored with a few mouse clicks . It is also possible to restore only individual folders or files from the backup.
The system also provides more flexibility. Any number of repositories can be managed, new connection types such as WebDav and Dropbox are supported and any number of backup schedules with individual scope and target storage location can be defined. The security query for the backup archive has also been increased. A password is now required to access the repository.

The previous backup system will be replaced by the new one in the long term. For the transition period of up to one year, however, it will remain active and can be used alongside the new system without restrictions. However, the old backup system will no longer receive any new updates. You will be informed in good time about the removal.

The e-mail notification system has been completely redeveloped. All relevant settings are clearly presented in the updated administration interface.
From here you can control which notifications you want to send and define individual message texts for each supported language. In addition, it is now possible to specify any SMTP server as the outgoing e-mail server for e-mail notifications. The data of the old system has been completely integrated into the new system.

The file manager also benefits from new functions and improvements. Archives can be created from folders or files directly via the user interface. In addition, files can now be loaded directly into the web space of the respective user account by specifying a URL.

In addition, the KeyHelp API received a function update. A new API endpoint "/login/" is now available, which allows URLs to be generated that can be used to log into the KeyHelp interface with one click. This allows KeyHelp to be integrated even better into one's own infrastructure. In addition, the API has been extended by a few more features.

With the latest update, the free control panel for servers is even available in Indonesian and Chinese. Thanks to a very engaged KeyHelp community, the Server Control Panel is currently available in 15 different languages!

All the details and changes you can read in the change log at In addition, we have also summarised the innovations in KeyHelp for you in a short video clip in a simple and understandable way.

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