Individual private cloud for companies, agencies and resellers

The Private Cloud by Keyweb offers the highest level of data security and the full benefits of cloud computing for your projects. Business-critical data can be stored securely in our own, self-sufficient IT environment in the certified data center in Germany. As is characteristic of cloud computing, users of a private cloud structure can dynamically adapt all IT resources to short-term requirements.

The times of cloud computing bring many advantages, which are used by a large number of companies worldwide. It goes without saying that data is inevitably stored in the cloud. However, a portion of this that should not be underestimated is business-critical data.

With public cloud and multi-cloud solutions, security breaches increase due to the complexity and thus represent a major obstacle to data security. It is therefore not surprising that more and more companies are thinking about it and in some cases are already starting to take their data and applications out the public cloud back to its own data center – also known as „cloud repatriation“.

Whether data is stored in the cloud or in another structure – a company should always have full control over it. With your own private cloud at Keyweb, you can use all the advantages of cloud computing while ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of sensitive data.

The new private cloud from Keyweb axclusively provides users with a self-sufficient IT infrastructure that enables them to add or reduce capacities quickly and flexibly if necessary. All applications can be operated conveniently via the internet. There is no need to reserve local resources. By accommodating the dedicated resources in the certified Keyweb data center, our customers can rely on high load availability, optimal redundancy and absolute discretion.

Whatever requirements our customers place on their private cloud, our IT specialists work with the customer to design exactly the cloud environment that is individually tailored and operated to their applications. We also realize customer requests regarding specific hardware or software, there is the option to choose between VMware, Proxmox, OpenStack and Kubernetes.

If special data protection requirements are to be met or a specialized solution is required, the Keyweb sales team is always available for a personal consultation. Further information on the private cloud offer can be found on our homepage under Private Cloud. Of course, we are also happy to advice interested people by phone and we are also available for inquiries via email.

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