KeyHelp® 20.0 with application installation & cronjob improvements

The free server administration tool KeyHelp is now available with a simplified application installation – for example for content management systems – and offers not only extended functions in the area of planned tasks (cronjobs) but also functions for the automatic deletion of temporary files and optimized usability for mobile devices.

KeyHelp's responsive design has been further optimized according to the latest findings, which leads to even greater user friendliness for users who use the tool on devices with a small screen. The possibility to create cronjobs (planned tasks) in KeyHelp has been expanded. Corresponding tasks can now be defined, which run in the root user context. These can be carried out directly.

In addition, KeyHelp now regularly checks the content of the user‘s own temporary directories. With the new version it is possible that files stored here will be deleted after a certain period of non-use. This benefits the user‘s total storage quota. With the one-click-installation, users can now quickly and easily install popular web applications such as WordPress, Joomla!, Nextcloud, OpenCart and others.

KeyHelp is regularly further developed by experiences IT experts and adapted to the current needs of its users. The company is in regular contact with the KeyHelp community The server administration tool is not only available to Keyweb customers, but can also be used by all users of a Linux server (Ubuntu and Debian).

With KeyHelp, an unlimited number of domains can be managed. Due to the high level of user friendliness, intuitive operation is possible without a manual. A high level of security and professional support are a matter of course for the development and support team. You can learn more about KeyHelp at

You can learn more about KeyHelp at:

* This function is currently available for Keyweb customers. Shortly, non-Keyweb-customers can also benefit from this.

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