KeyHelp® 20.3.1 – new firewall management & many optimizations

The current version 20.3 and the update 20.3.1 of the free server administration tool KeyHelp bring numerous new functions and improvements of the administration interface.

The firewall management that is now available has a completely new user interface and now enables even less experienced administrators to operate the firewall as conveniently as possible.

An analysis tool for reading the hard disk makes it possible to quickly examine the memory consumption on the server via the KeyHelp user interface and thus to determine, for example, the cause of used memory capacities. With the CLI toolbox, it is now also possible to easily access and control various KeyHelp functions via the server's command line.

KeyHelp is an administration tool for Linux web servers - developed by Keyweb. This enables its users to manage an unlimited number of domains and also brings numerous features with it. The user interface, optimized to the needs of the user, supports a very intuitive use - without any training. The KeyHelp community gives users quick solutions to individual concerns. Due to the KeyHelp® REST API, it has also been possible since the end of 2019 to link the server managed with KeyHelp with various programs and thus optimally integrate them into business processes. Furthermore, the KeyHelp interface can be adapted to the company's corporate design. The server control panel is now available in 10 languages.

The standard version of KeyHelp can be used free of charge on all Linux servers. Customers of the hosting company Keyweb enjoy some additional professional functions of the server control panel - for example the 1-click installation for popular web applications such as WordPress, Joomla! or Nextcloud. Thanks to the new license system, non-Keyweb customers will also be able to access the professional version of KeyHelp in a few weeks.

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