KeyHelp® 23.2 - Debian 12 Support, WebAuthn and much more

In the last days version 23.2 of the server control panel KeyHelp was released.

From now on you can install and run KeyHelp on a Debian 12 equipped system. For this purpose a manual and an upgrade script will be available soon to ensure an easy transition from Debian 11 to Debian 12.

With the installation of KeyHelp on a Debian 12 system, a modernized email protection system is now available. It is more powerful, more fail-safe and offers more effective means to fight spam than the previous solution. In addition, you can get an overview of the operation and effectiveness of the anti-spam and anti-virus defenses on your server at any time by accessing the "Rspamd Web Interface".

The latest version of KeyHelp provides you with a modern and secure authentication alternative to the usual login with password. If you choose this method of logging in to KeyHelp, all you need is your username and a hardware or software authenticator. There is no need to remember and enter a password.

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a method for verifying the authenticity of e-mails. Here, a digital signature is added to the header of an e-mail message. The DKIM selector is a part of this signature and specifies which specific DKIM key should be used for verification. As of now, KeyHelp allows you to specify the DKIM selector of a domain individually. This allows you to use multiple servers to send emails from a domain. Due to the different DKIM selectors that can be set, the authenticity of the emails of each server can thus be ensured.

With this update KeyHelp has been extended by the Hungarian language thanks to the support of Madarász László. This means that KeyHelp is now available in 19 different languages.

Learn all details about the latest KeyHelp update at An overview of all changes can be found in the change log at

If you have not installed KeyHelp yet, you can get an insight into the tool by using the demo version. As a Keyweb customer you can even use the Pro version free of charge.

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