KeyHelp® 23.1 / 23.1.1 – monitoring, webmail client & system status features

The KeyHelp major version 23.1 / 23.1.1. offers new features that allow you to monitor your system with many important metrics, monitor mail server activity and get an overview of open ports. In addition, SnappyMail is now available as a web client.

Monitoring of key system metrics

The monitoring feature allows you to keep track of and monitor the most important metrics of your system.

At regular intervals, data such as CPU, disk, and memory usage, as well as many others, are collected and then displayed in graphs for the desired time interval. You can easily detect resource bottlenecks and react accordingly.

New webmail client SnappyMail

An alternative webmail client called SnappyMail is now available for KeyHelp servers. SnappyMail is a massive improvement of the RainLoop webmail client. Compared to RainLoop, SnappyMail is faster, more secure, more modern and is under active development.

SnappyMail is almost identical to RainLoop in terms of usability. A changeover is very easy to implement. Since the RainLoop webmail software is no longer being developed by the RainLoop developers, we recommend that you switch to SnappyMail or to Roundcube.

Monitoring of the e-mail log via the KeyHelp interface

You can now use KeyHelp to access the log entries of your mail server directly from the user interface and in the simplest way. With the help of real-time monitoring, you can track the mail server's activity live and search for specific incidents as needed, without having to log in to the server via SSH.

Access to port and socket monitoring

This new feature provides KeyHelp administrators with a quick way to get an overview of open TCP and UDP ports on the server. At a glance, it is possible to see which service is listening on which port directly from the KeyHelp interface, thus efficiently identifying any server problems.

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