Keyweb AG supports WeLa – free cargo bikes in Weimar

Sustainable mobility is an important step towards a climate-conscious future. This year, the WeLa initiative was launched in Weimar, which enables Weimar residents to borrow a cargo bike free of charge and thus do without a car even when transporting larger objects. Keyweb AG, which already supports the similar project "E(l)la" in Erfurt, is now also sponsoring the domain and the corresponding web space for "WeLa".

The WeLa initiative wants to use the cargo bikes to promote car-free living in Weimar and for this reason makes the cargo bikes available completely free of charge at various locations in the city. Every Weimar resident who has registered on the WeLa website can easily use them. All you need to do is book a cargo bike and then pick it up at one of the stations using a QR code.

Keyweb AG has been supporting the E(l)la project since 2017, which has been carried out in Erfurt for several years as a counterpart to WeLa. With web hosting and the associated domain, Keyweb has since provided the initiative with an important basis for the visibility of the project on the internet as well as for booking processing. Since this year, the hosting service provider's sponsorship now also includes the WeLa website.

"We are very pleased that the cargo bikes are now also available in Weimar - because this is another step towards sustainability in Thuringia's cities. Of course, we are also very happy to support this project." – Frank Nowag, CEO of the Keyweb AG

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