Keyweb Private Cloud: 100% security, flexible and reduced costs

The possibilities that arise for a company from a cloud-based IT structure are manifold. We not only make the process of moving to the cloud easy for you, but also the cloud itself: created to meet your requirements, operated in compliance with data protection laws, and with transparent and cost-saving framework conditions for you.

The way to an own cloud structure is almost inevitable for many applications and multi-layered, future-oriented IT projects.

Advantages such as the ability to adjust the currently required IT resources enable you to always react quickly and flexibly to fluctuating requirements. In the same way, the performance load can be distributed across several host systems instead of concentrating the entire load on a single server. In addition, with the help of virtualisation, you can build up important redundancies that allow your cloud system to continue running without the slightest disruption in the case of an emergency.

Despite all the advantages, the step into the cloud can be very complex. Important influencing factors, such as long-term costs and important services and support, can become a real challenge here, which often only becomes unpleasant in retrospect.

We want to take this hurdle away from our customers. Keyweb's private cloud is available in three popular variants. However, it can also be created completely individually. In this case, the customer's wishes with regard to security and performance features flow directly into the individual cloud architecture. Due to Keyweb's own server manufacture, the cloud can be created particularly quickly and flexibly and can always be reliably maintained. At any time, we stand by our customer as his personal cloud expert.

The cloud servers are based on high-quality hardware components such as Intel® Core and Intel® Xeon CPU as well as SSD and NVMe SSD hard drives. They are operated exclusively in our TÜV-certified data centres in Germany in compliance with optimised data protection and security requirements. With up to 100 GBit internal switch port connection as well as multi-redundant network and power connection, the Keyweb Cloud is particularly reliable. In addition, the Voxility DDoS protection fends off DDoS attacks at the network level.

For maximum configuration freedom all settings and installations can be made by the user thanks to root access and the number of virtual servers can be determined by the user. The IT resources of the cloud can be expanded flexibly and at short notice at any time. The selection of a suitable backup concept completes the cloud system.

The Keyweb Cloud concept provides a great immediate advantage: Costs can be saved in a targeted way.. Already during the creation of the cloud, we take into account together with our customers both the minimum and the maximum expected demand for hardware performance. This means that all costs of the cloud servers, including traffic, are calculated in advance at the best possible price-performance ratio and at a fixed monthly price.

In addition, we use selected server and virtualisation software: the operating system software Linux and the virtualisation platform Proxmox – both based on open source software – in combination with our popular free server management tool KeyHelp in the Professional Edition. Optimally coordinated with each other, these not only ensure consistently high-performance and secure operation of your cloud servers, but also allow you to accurately plan your actual cloud costs. Unnecessarily expensive licensing costs are eliminated.

All details about the private cloud as well as the standard cloud tariff options and frequently asked questions can be found at


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