Keyweb supports youth help organization MUTABOR

Every day, children and young people have to be taken out of their families at short notice if there is currently no safe environment for them. This often means that they have to come to a family care facility temporarily and leave a lot behind. With the project "We give you something that belongs to you - a backpack for every child", MUTABOR - Mensch & Entwicklung gGmbH gives children who are at the mercy of this fate their own backpack. This is filled with things that accompany the children during this difficult time and remain with them beyond that. Keyweb AG supports the project with a donation for a filled backpack for the child Tessa.

MUTABOR – Mensch & Entwicklung gGmbH is a free and growing youth welfare organization with innovative outpatient and inpatient offers for children, adolescents and their families. The aim of the company is to offer them stability and help in difficult situations so that they can quickly lead a life again without outside help.

With this campaign, the independent youth welfare organisation wants to give the children in the on-call care centres something that will accompany them for a long time and belong to them. A high-quality and durable backpack contains a worry eater stuffed animal as well as a drinking bottle and a lunch box made of stainless steel. The stuffed animal has a zippered mouth so that the child can give it its worries and problems in the form of little notes to "eat". The drinking bottle and lunch box are also made of high quality, sustainable materials and manufactured under fair working conditions. Keyweb AG is particularly pleased to support the project.

You can find more information about the project on the MUTABOR gGmbH website.

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