New: VPS – Flexible resource expansion. No performance limits.

We have launched a new server series to kick off 2022 – dedicated VPS. These are offered in 6 variants and already from 62,90 €* per month with fast SSD performance. The special features of Keyweb's VPS are the always guaranteed virtual resources as well as the possibility to switch flexibly and comfortably to a higher tariff at any time.

Performance-relevant factors such as CPU power, RAM and storage capacity are fully available to each individual VPS customer at all times for their projects for their exclusive use. Unlike the shared vServer offers of many hosting providers, it therefore does not matter how high the utilisation of other vServers is, which are located on the same hardware server. The performance specified in the tariff is guaranteed by Keyweb for all customers.

Furthermore, the offer provides a high degree of flexibility. An upgrade to a more powerful tariff is possible at any time via the ticket system. Customers can always rely on the full performance of the Virtual Private Server - even at maximum load.

VPS hosting is the optimal hosting solution for high-traffic and larger websites, shop projects, corporate servers, test and development environments and many other purposes.

Depending on the desired features, you can choose between the VPS series and the VPS Pro series. High-quality brand processors and SSD hard drives guarantee fast server response times and high capacities:

  • Intel® Xeon® processors and fast SSD hard drives in the VPS series
  • Intel® Xeon® Gold or AMD EPYC™-CPU as well as powerful NVMe SSD hard drives with up to 2TB storage in the Pro series

Thanks to individual configuration and unlimited administration rights (root access) VPS customers of Keyweb can install all desired programs on their server and manage it permanently free of charge with the user-optimised server admin tool KeyHelp Pro.

Keyweb's technical support is available to customers 24/7. The fact that this is highly appreciated is also shown by the ratings of the hosting provider on Google & Co. Should comprehensive technical support be required for the administration and maintenance of the VPS, the Managed Service option can also be booked from 19 €/month*.

Detailed information on the Dedicated VPS can be found here.

Our Keyweb Service will be delighted to answer your questions personally and in detail.

* These prices are inclusive of 19 % VAT. for Germany, other EU countries may different.

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