We have increased the performance of Virtual Servers with root access

This month we have not only expanded our product portfolio with the Dedicated VPS, but also equipped the established Root vServers with even more high-performance hardware.

The root vServers now have processors with up to 6 vCores and fast SSD hard drives with up to 600 GB storage capacity. Furthermore, users are guaranteed up to 16 GB RAM.

Thanks to unrestricted root access, server customers have full control over their own system at all times. You can manage and configure the vServer as you wish. This allows you a wide range of possibilities when realizing your projects.

The vServers are particularly suitable for web projects that exceed the capacity of a web hosting plan or have special requirements for the functionality of a website or the software and technologies used on the vServer. The possible fields of usage cover everything from professional website projects and training platforms to use as alternative and DSGVO-compliant cloud storage. The root vServers are also ideally suited as a small company server.

The individual design of the vServer is a significant advantage over web hosting tariffs. Whether the operating system, the PHP version, the use of server-side caching or other additional applications - the decision is up to the customer. The resources of the vServer can be freely distributed to the desired applications.

The free server control panel KeyHelp is also available to our customers free of charge in the Pro version and guarantees convenient and intuitive server administration.If server customers themselves do not have the capacity or knowledge to maintain and manage a root vServer, the "Managed" version of the vServer allows them to rely on our professional support in this regard, so that the security of the server and the up-to-dateness of the software are guaranteed at all times.

Therefore, Keyweb's new tariffs offer an affordable complete package - including a reliable root vServer, a professional control panel as well as comprehensive expert support for individual websites, web applications and IT projects.

Get detailed information about the new vServer tariffs by Keyweb here.

Press contact

Annika Sandig

Head of Marketing & PR

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