Does your online shop lead to shopping pleasure or website frustration?

Our system check up shows you whether your online shop is stable enough for the rush of visitors on promotion days!

  • performance check
  • hardware & software check
  • professional evaluation & advice
  • bonus: pentest & usability quick check
  • performance check
  • hardware & software check
  • professional evaluation & advice
  • bonus: pentest & usability quick check

Promotional days like Black Friday or occasions like Christmas and Easter lead to a rush on online shops due to marketing campaigns and attractive prices. If you run a shop that meets the necessary requirements, these should be the busiest times of the year for you.

One requirement is a stable shop system including the underlying technical components. If these do not withstand the enquiries on these days, you will make losses. The winners in this case are the other providers.

If you, as an online shop operator, do not (yet) have the necessary experience and know-how for the stability and performance of your shop or your website with high traffic, we have the optimal offer for you!

Black Friday check up

You can have your online shop checked for performance and security risks by our technical experts free of charge before Black Week 2023. You will also receive a usability quick check.

Until 17 November 2023, we will check a maximum of 10 shops free of charge and then evaluate the results in a personal meeting with you. Would you like to check whether your shop is fit for Black Friday?

Factors for a successful online shop

Simply setting up an online shop and publishing products in it is not enough to be successful. There are very specific conditions that ensure that it is stable, secure, trustworthy and attractive for users.

availability of your shop so that it is always accessible for potential customers and search engines

loading time of your shop, so that users do not bail out before they have had the chance to get to know your good products

clarity of your shop so that users also find what they are looking for

security of your shop for more user trust and to protect sensitive data

To ensure that these requirements are met, powerful and well-matched components and systems are needed.

Is your shop equipped for success and growth?

We have been supporting many customers from the e-commerce sector with our IT and hosting services for years and offer you the opportunity to access our expertise with a website or shop check.

What is included in the website or shop check up?

Requirements analysis

You describe your situation and the desired requirements to us so that we can optimally align the analysis of your shop.

Technical system check

We carry out a technical review of your online shop. This primarily concerns the underlying software and hardware components. We also pay special attention to loading times and corresponding influencing factors.

Bonus 1: Security scan of your shop worth 89 €

In addition to the basic technology check, you will receive a free pentestWe examine your shop for security gaps that could be an entry point for cyber criminals.

Bonus 2: Usability quick check

You receive an independent and professional brief analysis of the user-friendliness and usability of your online presence – the focus here is, among other things, on the mobile usability of your site or shop.

Evaluation talk with our experts

Afterwards, you will receive feedback from us on your website check tailored to your requirements. Depending on the results, this includes concrete recommendations for action to prepare your shop for success and growth.

The website and shop check up is suitable for you if ...

  • you want to make sure that your online shop or the server structure behind it does not have any weak points that would be the ideal entry point for cyber criminals
  • you are expecting a lot of website visitors or shop users, but but cannot estimate whether your site will be able to withstand the crowds at all
  • you have not yet had any experience with high traffic on certain offer days and would like to be well prepared for it
  • you want to avoid at all costs that your shop or your site suffers a collapse during Black Friday or Black Week

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Until November 17, 2023 you can secure one of 10 free check ups of your shop or site. Simply enquire using the form below.

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