To support female student to the professional orientation, the hosting provider Keyweb takes part in Girls'Day on March 26th, 2020. The main purpose of this day is to counter current role thinking and to convince the young girls that IT professions can be interesting especially in times of digitalization and offer a lot of potential for the future.

It is common for girls to predominantly decide upon the „typically female“ professions and thus don‘t exhaust their professional opportunities. For a career choice without cliches has been founded the career orientation project „Girls‘Day“ also called „Mädchen-Zukunftstag“ (Girls future day). Hereby female students should get insights in technical, craft and natural science jobs. Enterprises of different branches nationwide regist in the Girls‘Day Radar and organise a career orientation programm for the female students.

This year the Girls‘Day will take place at March 26th, 2020. On this day, Keyweb AG invites eight girls from the 7th grade onwards. With an interesting and varied program, the internet and hosting provider will introduce the girls to the training professions PHP Programmer, IT system administrator and IT system merchant. In form of a tour of the company and agile workshops shall the possibilities will be given understand technology in a simple way and try it out in practice. Above all should the girls be shown how important data security in times of digitalization. At the end of the day, the attendees can expect a little suprise.

The offer of the Keyweb AG „Gestalte mit Keyweb die digitale Zukunft“ (shape the digital future with us) is registered in Girls‘Day Radar of the Girls‘Day Website, so that the interessed girls can sign in online for this offer. More information regarding the registration and the exactly procedure can be found here:

The girls future day is considered high quality professional orientation program für female students. Therefore the kultus ministry recommend all schools the Girls‘Day to procedure as a school event. Should a school don‘t take part in the Girls'Day there is the option to apply for an exemption from teaching. These application should contain the signature of the legal guardian and be submitted to the school.

Interested people can find out more regarding the Girls‘Day here:

Girls Day at Keyweb AG in Erfurt

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