How a free server could help ill children

At the end of January we donated € 150 to the children‘s and youth hospice in Tambach-Dietharz. A supporter of our software forum „KeyHelp-Community“ had been offered a free server as a thank you for his intensive voluntary work. He waived this and expressed the wish to use the money to support a social institution.

We were very happy to comply with this request, rounded up the amount and decided to send the donation to the children‘s hospice in Central Germany. In the future, we would like to increasingly support social institutions and non-profit projects.

The children‘s and youth hospice in Tambach-Dietharz employs 40 people who support the families of seriously ill children. Here the sick children and their families experience a positive atmosphere. The families can find new strenth for everyday life. In order to ensure the intensive care of the ill children, the facility relies on donations of more than a million Euro every year. We have therefore deliberately selected this Thuringian institution for the donation.

Supporting a social project was particularly important to Oliver Brinkmann. Since 2018 he is a part of the „KeyHelp-Community“ - a forum for users of the server administration tool KeyHelp – and provides very active and above all voluntary support to other community members with their questions and problems.

This year he was one of the five members to whom we expressed our special thanks. We are really touched by so much sense of charity and express our special appreciation to Mr. Brinkmann. Keyweb will now fokus even more on the commitment to social projects of the region. With this engagement we not only want to support valuable projects, but also sensitize our customers and partners accordingly.

children‘s and youth hospice in Tambach-Dietharz

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