Your powerful cloud network
giving you ultimate flexibility

  • Your own cloud infrastructure hosted in Germany
  • Custom-made scalability
  • Optimal performance
Günstige Webhosting Pakete aus Deutschland dargestellt durch einen Blick über Erfurt und einen Laptop

Your powerful cloud network
giving you ultimate flexibility

  • Your own cloud infrastructure hosted in Germany
  • Custom-made scalability
  • Optimal performance
Detailaufnahme von einem Server der für die Kundschaft individuell zusammengestellt wird

Your powerful cloud network
giving you ultimate flexibility

from 269.- € / month 1
Cloud server tariffs
  • einfache Domainregistrierung
  • neue und kreative Domainendungen für noch mehr Auswahl
  • alle Domainpreise schnell im Blick
  • kostenlos und schnell zu Keyweb wechseln

The Keyweb Cloud Server enables you to set up your own IT infrastructure that can be adapted to suit the growing needs of your business. At the same time you have peace of mind knowing that your data are reliably protected against unauthorised access and misuse – securely stored right in the heart of Germany.
To ensure guaranteed availability of your website even at peak times or in times of unexpectedly high traffic to the site, a Cloud server simply offers you a new server environment without jeopardizing any of your existing structures. The linked character of the virtual machines e is what constitutes the crucial difference: Each individual server can be set up separately and yet - together they make up a ‘cloud’. Put your trust therefore in the many advantages that the Keyweb Cloud Server has to offer.

    • Top-Features Private S14
    • Processor 12 vCores Intel® Xeon® E5
    • RAM 64 GB RAM
    • Dedicated hard disk drive 3x 2 TB
    • Traffic dFlat data transfer included
    • Number of virtual servers 6
    • Price 269.- € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 269.- €1
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    • Top-Features Private L14
    • Processor 24 vCores Intel® Xeon® E5
    • RAM 128 GB RAM
    • Dedicated hard disk drive 4x 2 TB
    • Traffic dFlat data transfer included
    • Number of virtual servers 12
    • Price 369.- € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 369.- €1
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All product- & tariffdetails
Private S14Private L14
Keymachine® server brand hardware
Processor 12 vCores Intel® Xeon® E524 vCores Intel® Xeon® E5
Working storage 64 GB RAM128 GB RAM
Hard disk drives 3x 2 TB4x 2 TB
Alternate HDDs 3 x 450 GB SAS or 3 x 240 GB SSD4 x 450 GB SAS or 4 x 240 GB SSD
Dedicated hardware RAID data throughput RAID level 5RAID level 5
Encrypted server administration KVM with IPMI 2.0 includedKVM with IPMI 2.0 included
Ressource management free allocation of resources to virtual servers
Scaling individual virtual server scaling
Usable peak bandwidth 1 Gbit switch port1 Gbit switch port
IP addresses 816
Extra IP addresses available on request
IPv6 ready
IPv6 adresses unlimited
dFlat data transfer included
Operating system & administration
Integration of you own operating systems & updates
KeyHelp® unlimited optional, without additional fee / for an unlimited number of domains
Plesk optional
Full administration and root privileges on requeston request
Domain choice optionaloptional
Completely definable records
Subdomains without limitation
Free reboot service
Statistics - logfile evaluation
SSL certificates optional
Backup options
KeyDisc optional
Daily backup optional
Weekly backup optional
Data center
  • TÜV-certified server location Germany
  • Network Availability min. 99 %
  • Redundant backbone
  • USV supported 230 V power subbly
  • Air-conditioned server room
  • Temperature monitoring systems and door alarms
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance
Service & support
24/7 - ticket system
24/7 - telephone availability
Email service & personal advice
Extensive FAQ database
Guaranteed availability 99 %
Managed Support Services optional
Expansion possibilities
In your KeyCloud you are able to set up individual virtual servers with freely arranged resources. You then have the choice between different operating systems inclusive of common web and software applications.
Contractual modalities
Minimum contract period 1 month
Cancellation period 14 days to the end of the contract
Methods of payment SEPA Direct Debit, Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal
Invoicing period monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annually, two-yearly
KeyDiscount up to 20% discount on your cloud server
One-time setup fee 269.- €369.- €
Price / month 269.- €369.- €

The Keyweb Cloud Server Private S14 and L14 are based on completely dedicated servers with up to 16 virtual machines. All resources of your virtual machines can conveniently be managed through web access: assign - whenever the need arises - flexible CPU working memory or fixed disk storage to each virtual machine. An up-scaling and downscaling of each machine is also possible at any given time without the need to change the basic system. In this instance you can freely distribute the performance of your host system across several virtual machines.

Thanks to full virtualization cloud computing offers you, via Proxmox, the option to freely choose your operating systems and ISO images, which can then be installed on the virtual machines.

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1 These prices are inclusive of 19 % VAT. for Germany, other EU countries may different. Fees are payable in advance for the respective invoicing period.