Rent a vServer with root access

Blick auf ein Motherboard mit Intel® CPU

Virtual servers
rent at top price

  • for individual websites, web applications & IT projects
  • fast SSD hard disks for best performance
  • flexible server design thanks to admin access
  • 24/7 reliable and personal support
  • including the user-friendly administration tool KeyHelp®Pro
from 12.90 € / month 1 Compare tariffs now

Get up to 20% discount
Blick auf ein Motherboard mit Intel® CPU

Virtual servers
rent at top price

  • for individual websites, web applications & IT projects
  • fast SSD hard disks for best performance
  • flexible server design thanks to admin access
  • 24/7 reliable and personal support
  • including the user-friendly administration tool KeyHelp®Pro
from 12.90 € / month 1 Compare tariffs now

Get up to 20% discount
Blick auf ein Motherboard mit Intel® CPU

Virtual servers
rent at top price

from 12.90 € / month 1
Compare tariffs now
  • for individual websites, web applications & IT projects
  • fast SSD hard disks for best performance
  • flexible server design thanks to admin access
  • 24/7 reliable and personal support
  • including the user-friendly administration tool KeyHelp®Pro

Renting a vServer with root access always makes sense if you need an entry-level server solution for professional web applications and projects that exceed the capacities of a regular web hosting plan.

A virtual server is suitable for test and development environments, hosting multiple websites, optimised web infrastructure applications and much more.

The vServer with administration access allows you great freedom of design with regard to the software and technologies used. So you benefit not only from its solid performance, but also from the very favourable price of the virtual servers.

Root vServer

Extremely affordable & incredibly flexible

Get to know all the advantages

Rent a Virtual Server (vServer) - all capacities & features in comparison

unmanaged managed
    • Top-Features VS S
    • CPU performance 3 vCore
    • RAM 4 GB guaranteed
    • Hard drive 150 GB SSD
    • Virtualization KVM
    • KeyHelp® Pro inklusive
    • Traffic dFlat data transfer included
    • Price 12.90 € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 0.- €1
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    • Top-Features VS M
    • CPU performance 4 vCore
    • RAM 8 GB guaranteed
    • Hard drive 300 GB SSD
    • Virtualization KVM
    • KeyHelp® Pro inklusive
    • Traffic dFlat data transfer included
    • Price 20.90 € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 0.- €1
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    • Top-Features VS L
    • CPU performance 6 vCore
    • RAM 16 GB guaranteed
    • Hard drive 600 GB SSD
    • Virtualization KVM
    • KeyHelp® Pro inklusive
    • Traffic dFlat data transfer included
    • Price 38.90 € / month1
      Plus setup fee: 0.- €1
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All product- & tariffdetails
Keymachine® server brand hardware
CPU performance 3 vCore4 vCore6 vCore
RAM 4 GB guaranteed8 GB guaranteed16 GB guaranteed
Hard drive 150 GB SSD300 GB SSD600 GB SSD
Usable peak bandwidth 100 Mbit/s100 Mbit/s100 Mbit/s
IP addresses 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv61 IPv4 and 1 IPv61 IPv4 and 1 IPv6
Extra IP addresses other IP addresses if required
IPv6 ready
Own nameserver
dFlat data transfer included
Operating system
Debian Linux
Ubuntu Linux
CentOS Linux
Integration of own ISO images
KeyHelp® Pro included for an unlimited number of domains
Access via SSH
Virtualization KVMKVMKVM
Unlimited root access
Software compatible with KeyHelp and Plesk
MySQL databases
PHP, CGI scripts
Apache Webserver
Access to FTP unlimited
All popular open source applications
Domain choice optional
Completely definable records
Subdomains without limitation
Domain rerouting
Email mailboxes (POP3, IMAP) unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Multiple email forwarding
Free reboot service
Statistics - logfile evaluation
Free SSL certificate Let‘s Encrypt
Further SSL certificates optionally
Voxility DDoS Protection
Backup options
KeyDisc optional
Daily backup optional
Weekly backup optional
Data center
  • TÜV-certified server location Germany
  • Network Availability min. 99 %
  • Redundant backbone
  • USV supported 230 V power subbly
  • Air-conditioned server room
  • Temperature monitoring systems and door alarms
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance
Service & support
24/7 - ticket system
24/7 - telephone availability
Email service & personal advice
Extensive FAQ database
Managed Support Services Managed Pro Service optionally available
Contractual modalities
Minimum contract period 1 month
Cancellation period 14 days to the end of the contract
Methods of payment SEPA Direct Debit, Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal
Billing period monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annually, two-yearly
KeyDiscount up to 20% discount on your tariff
One-time setup fee not required
Price / month 12.90 €20.90 €38.90 €
Invoicing period
Setup fee

You need even more capacity?

Our VPS (Virtual Dedicated Server) offer you guaranteed dedicated resources at any time.

VPS in detail

Rent a vServer & benefit from top features



Unlimited root access to your virtual server

You have control over your own system. You can manage and configure the vServer as you wish. This gives you a wide range of options when realising your projects.



More flexibility and freedom for software and technologies

One advantage over web hosting tariffs is the individual design of your vServer. Decide on your operating system, the PHP version, the use of server-side caching or other additional applications. You can freely distribute the resources of your vServer to the desired applications.



True full virtualisation based on KVM

The type of virtualisation contributes to the performance, scalability and independence of the virtual server. KVM is a full virtualisation that allows full console access. You can install your own kernels and are also completely free to choose your own operating system and ISO images.



User-friendly vServer administration software

The professional server control panel KeyHelp Pro is available to you free of charge as a Keyweb customer and guarantees comfortable server administration.

Alternatively, server administration is also possible with the fee-based Plesk.



Traffic included

No matter how much traffic runs through your rented vServer - as with all Keyweb products, there are no extra costs for you.



SSD hard disks for fast response times

The vServers are based on hardware servers that are equipped with powerful and durable brand-name hardware. This not only guarantees the performance of the vServers, but also contributes to sustainable hosting.



Free choice of operating system

When it comes to operating systems, you have a choice between Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and SuSE, among others. We will be happy to advise you on all the options.

What is the vServer suitable for?

  • development and operation of extensive web applications
  • optimised web infrastructure applications
  • professional website projects
  • multiple websites
  • the use of CMS and shop systems with special functional requirements, such as caching
  • educational platforms
  • as an alternative to cloud services, e.g. using Nextcloud
  • as gaming server
  • as a small business server
  • use of collaborative mail systems
  • and much more

You would like to rent a vServer, but would like some advice beforehand?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the running of our virtual servers.



0361 6 58 53 55
Monday to Friday:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



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Rent a vServer and benefit from these advantages


Top price/performance ratio

You get an affordable entry-level hosting product that offers you a great deal of design freedom thanks to root access.


Reliable availability

The TÜV-certified data centre where your vServer is located guarantees an availability of over 99% thanks to numerous security measures.


Fast provisioning times

If you order by 12 pm, you will receive your vServer on the same day after the telephone data comparison.


DSGVO-compliant data security

Your sensitive data is hosted in compliance with the DSGVO and the German Federal Data Protection Act and is therefore protected from being passed on to third parties.


Your contribution to sustainability

When you rent a vServer from Keyweb, you support sustainable hosting. We run our servers on 100% green electricity and consciously use durable hardware. Since there are several vServers on one hardware server, the capacities can be used particularly intelligently.


Flexible tariffs & fair contract periods

Our contracts are as flexible as your projects. The change to more efficient tariffs is quick and easy with an opened ticket. The minimum contract period is only 1 month.


Efficient network-side DDoS protection from Voxility included

The servers in our data centers are protected with Voxility's particularly powerful and effective DDoS protection, so that attacks are detected and blocked before they could reach the data centers.

Customer opinion about the Virtual Server (vServer) from Keyweb

Logo  Christophorus Dienstleistungen gGmbH

"We were immediately impressed by the uncomplicated and solution-oriented communication with Keyweb. The fast response time to tickets and the uncomplicated interaction are particularly noteworthy." - translated

– Stefan Dietrich, Christophorus Dienstleistungen gGmbH

Read more customer reviews


Virtual Server from Germany –
Security & data protection according to DSGVO guaranteed!

The vServers are located in Keyweb AG's data centres in Germany and are therefore subject to the German Federal Data Protection Act and the EU-DSGVO. Compliance with the strictest data protection regulations promises absolute security and confidentiality for your data towards third parties.

A regional server location also has a positive effect on server response times and loading times and therefore, for example, indirectly on the Google ranking of your website or online shop.


Security of the data centres

All virtual servers are operated in the Keyweb-owned data centres in Germany and fulfill high requirements for availability, security and protection against external influences.

  • The TÜV Saarland certification covers the basics and requirements of the BSI IT Grundschutz, BITKOM as well as ISO 27001 and ISO 27002, among others, and confirms their fulfillment for you.
  • A comprehensive security concept protects against data theft, failure or damage due to environmental influences.
  • The high-performance backbone with multiple redundant network connection offers a secure availability of over 99%.


Expert support within minutes - always there for you

A competent service technician is always available for you via the ticket system or additionally by phone. The service level agreements guarantee you the high-quality service level contractually, openly and transparently.


Managed vServer

If you do not have the capacity or knowledge to maintain and run your server yourself, you can always rely on our support with Keyweb's Managed Service.

This promises you professional and individual support for your vServer, so that its security and the up-to-dateness of the software is guaranteed at all times.
For particularly support-intensive projects and other special requirements with proactive, technical maintenance work we offer the Managed Pro Service. All services are individually defined and contractually agreed with you.


Simple and free setup and management of your vServer

When you rent a vServer from Keyweb, you also save on expensive licence fees.

You receive the professional server control panel KeyHelp Pro free of charge with your vServer. This is particularly user-friendly and optimally adapted to the needs of server customers. More about Keyhelp Pro
On the Keyweb YouTube channel you will find numerous tutorials. Here you can already gain a first impression of the server administration tool KeyHelp.

If required, you can use a different server control panel on your vServer. This may involve additional costs.

FAQ about vServer

What is a vServer?

A vServer is a virtualised server that is created on a dedicated (physical) server. Therefore, several vServers of different users can be created on one dedicated server. The vServers "share" the resources of the dedicated server.

Advantages of vServers include:

  • the affordable price
  • higher sustainability, as not every vServer needs its own hardware
How does a virtual server work?

One hardware server is divided into several virtual servers with the help of special so-called virtualisation software, whereby each of these virtual servers has its own operating system.

On the one hand, this makes better use of the hardware server's resources, and on the other hand, it makes it possible to operate a virtual server very cost-efficiently.

You enjoy the advantages of your own server in terms of performance and data security. With independent operating systems, data access from another (virtual) server is prevented, so that your data is similarly well protected as on a dedicated server.

  • use of the resources of a hardware server
  • division into virtual servers using software
  • data security similar to dedicated servers
Which virtualisation technique is used for the vServers and what advantages does it bring?

The type of virtualisation contributes to the performance, scalability and independence of our virtual servers.

The virtualisation technology KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) impresses with its special performance.

KVM is full virtualisation, with the added value that you get full console access, can install your own kernels and are not restricted in your choice of operating system and ISO images.

When is a vServer not suitable for me and my projects?

Those who want to operate a vServer ideally already have sound knowledge in the area of server administration. The maintenance of the server as well as the updates and therefore the security are the customer's responsibility. For small website projects, a web hosting plan is more suitable as an entry-level solution.

If you would like to rent and operate a vServer but do not have the necessary knowledge, the Managed Service or a Managed Server would be the right solution for you.

Is a vServer also suitable for extensive web projects such as shops?

In general, a vServer is also suitable for larger websites and shops. However, this is strongly depending on the individual size and the functions of the project. Furthermore, the number of accesses should also be taken into consideration. If the stability of the server needs to be guaranteed at all times, a virtual dedicated server would be the better solution for your project.

What is the difference between a vServer (shared) and a VPS (virtual dedicated server)?

Both solutions are virtual servers. With a VPS (Virtual Dedicated Server), the booked resources can be guaranteed at any time. With a shared virtual server (vServer), the performance can also be subject to fluctuations to a certain degree. This can happen in particular if the number of accesses to the vServers of others, which are also located on the same dedicated server, is very high.

You can find out more about this topic in this guide.

What are the advantages of a vServer over a web hosting package?

A vServer is more powerful than a web hosting plan.

With the virtual server, in short vServer, you combine the advantages of a shared environment, i.e. shared web hosting, with the performance advantages of your own server. Simple use, optimal performance - that's what distinguishes this server solution. A vServer is suitable for more extensive web applications which, for example, require additional services in the background.

  • easy to use
  • higher performance than a web hosting tariff
  • more flexibility
What distinguishes Keyweb vServers from those of other providers?

As a Keyweb customer, you can install all the programmes you want on the Virtual Server, configure your system freely and manage it with KeyHelp® or Plesk. For example, different users with different access rights can be created.

With our vServers, you also have full root access and administration rights, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to customise the operating system and application software to your needs. With Keyweb, you are free to choose your operating system. The individual configuration allows you to flexibly adapt and use your personal virtual server according to your needs.

  • Installation of all programmes
  • free configuration
  • full root access
  • flexible adjustment

Things to know about Virtual Servers (vServer)

Keyweb employee

Virtual Private Server for projects with special requirements

You want to be able to rely on the full performance of your server at all times? - For example, if you run a highly frequented online shop and want it to meet all requirements even during the Christmas season? Then our Virtual Private Server (VPS) would be the optimal solution.

Get to know VPS servers

Server knowledge

vServer guide

Learn more about the differences between Dedicated Servers, vServers and VPS (Virtual Dedicated Servers) in the guide.

To the vServer guide

1 These prices are inclusive of 19 % VAT. for Germany, other EU countries may different. Fees are payable in advance for the respective invoicing period.