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  • available in English, German, Russian, Italian and Bosnian

Our recommendation for the administration of your server: KeyHelp®

As a hosting provider, we pay great attention to the quality and reliability of our products. We know how important the interplay of brand hardware and professional management software is, in order to take full advantage of all possibilities of your server with high comfort.

That is why we provide you KeyHelp®, an easy to handle administration software with versatile functions for Linux servers, that can even be used for free. With this admin panel you can manage an unlimited number of domains without deep technical knowledge or laborious training.

Cost-free ✓ Easy ✓ Unrestricted ✓

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KeyHelp® won!

The Server –Administration - Software KeyHelp has convinced the judges and is now the winner of the Innovations-Award 2018.


What can I do with KeyHelp®?

Already on thousands of machines in use, KeyHelp® is particularly appreciated for its intuitive user interface and its sophisticated features. Administer all settings of the server to root level on a web-based interface. So yo can, for example, create domains and email accounts, add FTP-users, set up MySQL databases or access web statistics.

Within the administration tool also are two different areas, one for end-users and one for administrators, for your managing tasks. While administrators can use additional functions, end-user accounts are particularly suitable for the use on shared systems like our Webhosting tariff.

Which Keyweb-products can I administer with KeyHelp®?

Precondition for using the KeyHelp® administration software is one of the following operating systems on your web server: Ubuntu LTS or Debian.

The management options differ in the fields "login as end-user" and "login as administrator". If you have a webhosting tariff, then you can log into the end-user area. For all other hosting products below you can choose the appropriate area, depending on administrative tasks.

Detailed current manuals are available in PDF format for download and on this page.

Administrator - Management

  • Customizing layout with white label function
  • Creating and managing administrator accounts
  • Create and manage end-users
  • Create and manage domains and subdomains
  • Adjust KeyHelp® individually
  • View server information
  • Server settings (e.g. guidelines for script execution, ram disk)
  • Set up backups
  • Specify update intervals
  • DNS zone editor
  • Manage server services
  • Create, add and manage SSL certificates
  • Management of Let's Encrypt certificates
  • Administration of domains security settings
  • View system logs and status, show Apache server status
  • Database management tool phpMyAdmin
  • Webmail tool Roundcube
  • Creating and managing templates for:
    - Automatically generated emails
    - User accounts
    - Standard user index.html
  • Antivirus scanner
  • Firewall management (iptables)
  • Traffic statistics
  • Email client autoconfiguration
  • Mass email notification
  • Email queue management
  • Manage additional PHP interpreter
Usable with these hosting-products
  • Root Virtal Server »
  • Keymachine Server »
  • Keymachine Pro Server »
  • Custom-Made Server »
  • Private Cloud Server »

End-User - Management

  • Manage and edit domains
  • Add and manage subdomains
  • Administration of domains security settings
  • Set up backups
  • Add and manage MySQL databases
  • Database administration with phpMyAdmin
  • Create and manage email addresses, define aliases and redirects, customize spam and virus protection
  • Manage emails online via the browser (with Roundcube)
  • Add additional FTP-users
  • Create a password directory protection for any directory
  • Call and evaluate web statistics
  • Manage scheduled tasks (cron jobs)
  • Management of Let's Encrypt certificates
  • View webserver access and error logs
Usable with these hosting-products
  • Root Virtal Server »
  • Keymachine Server »
  • Keymachine Pro Server »
  • Custom-Made Server »
  • Private Cloud Server »
  • Webhostingtariff-Account »

Innovations-price - IT 2018: KeyHelp® is a Winner

Our Administration-tool has now been nominated officially as the best IT-Solution.

In the name of the Initiative Mittelstand our server software Keyhelp was nominated "Landessieger Thüringen". A Jury graded the Administration-tool as the best IT- Solution throughout Thuringia. KeyHelp is of grate use for middle class firms on their way towards successful digital futures.

The IT Innovation Award - IT Winners-list

In 2016 KeyHelp had already voted best of IT 2016 and could count itself as one of the best of the Initiative Mittelstand. Never tired , we are working to optimize our Admintool KeyHelp and are excited to let you see renewels and extensions of our product this year.

IT Innovation Award: KeyHelp® among the best

Now, our best tool for administrators also is "BEST OF IT 2016". Every year, the Initiative Mittelstand grants this predicate as a part of the IT Innovation Award. This year a jury of experts named KeyHelp® as one of the best 20 solutions in the category Server/Virtualization as particularly innovative and valuable, especially for medium-sized companies. »

Of course we will follow this path, so that our administration panel KeyHelp® becomes even better. In the further course of the year you can look forward to numerous new features and enhancements such as the integration of the virtualization software Keystack and a special billing module, too.

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The right operating system

An important basis of a server is the operating system. Ubuntu and Debian provide the ideal environment for using KeyHelp.

You will find information about Debian and Ubuntu here.