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The support of regional youth work,
of special commitment and creative ideas is close to our hearts.

Strengthening the future of our region with targeted sponsorships

Thuringia is our home and as such it is extremely important to us. Within the scope of our possibilities, we therefore support projects in the region in particular. We specifically focus on supporting associations and projects that are largely dedicated to children's and youth work. Furthermore, we are committed to charitable causes, projects and institutions through partial sponsorships and financial donations.

Support for social projects

Joint actions and social initiatives actively contribute to bringing people together and closer to each other. This creates or strengthens networks and even friendships that make it easier to do good in different ways. Our main focus is on projects with a charitable background.

To the social projects

Sponsoring beneficial and creative ideas

We are happy to provide monetary support as well as our services to associations, projects and unusual ideas that lack the necessary budget for implementation. We offer sponsored hosting, i.e. full and partial sponsoring of our products, according to various internal criteria.

To the inventive ideas

Varied promotion of young talent

Keyweb has been supporting youth sports in and around Erfurt for many years. Since 2016, we have been actively involved with the Erfurter Torwart Akademie (Erfurt Goalkeeper Academy) and, since 2020, with the FC RWE junior training center. We also support the junior hockey team of the Vimaria'91 sports and games club.

To the social projects

Current sponsorship projects

We at Keyweb are always happy to be inspired! When it comes to projects that are truly close to our hearts, we are happy to contribute to their success. We would like to introduce you to some of these collaborations.

To the current projects

Social Sponsoring

How a free server could help sick children

In January 2020, Keyweb donated 150 € to the children's and youth hospice in Tambach-Dietharz. Oliver Brinkmann, a volunteer supporter of the KeyHelp community, had been offered a free server as a thank you for his intensive commitment last year. He waived it and expressed the explicit wish to support a social institution with the amount. We were very touched by so much sense of public service and expressed our special appreciation to Mr Brinkmann. We were of course very happy to comply with his request, rounded up the amount and decided to send the donation to the Children's Hospice of Central Germany in Tambach-Dietharz, Thuringia. In order to ensure the intensive care of seriously ill children, the social institution relies on seven-figure donations every year.

Charity event “Thüringen Gala 2019” in Erfurt

In 2019, Keyweb AG supported the charity event " Thüringen Gala" in Thuringia's state capital as a co-sponsor and, in the course of this, was also the video production partner of the event.
The gala not only commemorated the fall of the Berlin Wall exactly 30 years ago, but above all honoured honorary projects throughout Thuringia. Representatives from politics and business reported on their experiences and insights regarding Germany's reunification. The musical programme took the evening's guests on a journey back in time. Keyweb, together with the Keymedia film production, accompanied the entire event from the set-up to the award ceremony as well as with video portraits of Thuringia's "Engagement Ambassadors" with their special voluntary projects. The proceeds from the raffle held during the evening amounting to 6120 € went to special Thuringian volunteer projects. Keyweb is very proud to have supported this special and socially valuable event in cooperation with the Keymedia film production.

5 new PCs for the Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf

The children of the Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf (Albert Schweitzer Children's Village) have taken us by storm with their joy and charm. When we heard that the children's village association needed new computers for their offspring, we did not hesitate to surprise them with a modern PC for each family.

SummerCamp 2015 – Die Bunten Schafe

To give single parents, working parents and their children aged 4 -12 years a free holiday - that was the aim of the "SummerCamp 2015 - Die Bunten Schafe". This unusual initiative of the event agency "Das Schwarze Schaf" was worth supporting with a donation of 1000 €. And the thoroughly positive and enthusiastic résumé of the holiday week, which was full of highlights, confirmed that our commitment was the right one.

Baltic Sea holiday for the Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf

To make the children of the Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf (Albert Schweitzer Children's Village) happy, who had shown such commitment during the Lions Cup 2014 and had convinced with their good play, Keyweb donated a week's holiday in a summer cottage at the Baltic Sea.

Charity event „Der LionsCup 2014“

A boardgame championship is something special in itself. But even more so when the proceeds of this exciting tournament are donated entirely to a child in need.

Keyweb did not miss the opportunity to actively promote this great action. Playing along was the order of the day. Keyweb also sponsored the first prize: a week's holiday at the Baltic Sea in a holiday home and, on top of that, a .de domain including 100 GB of web space.

School Project Bicycle Guide by the City of Erfurt

The GH Verlag – publishing house for violence prevention and child protection – has made it its mission to provide valuable prevention and education work in the primary schools of the region.

As part of the school project "Fahrradfibel Stadt Erfurt" (Bicycle Guide by the City of Erfurt), primary schools in the region are to be equipped with a learning and workbook for traffic education and preparation for the bicycle test. By means of a re-enacted picture story, the primary school children are taught the "correct behaviour towards strangers".

We are also very happy to support this campaign and are distributing 25 learning and work books to each of the first graders at the Thomas-Mann Primary School in Erfurt.

We support special engagement

TA, TLZ and OTZ reading mentors campaign

Reading encourages, reading educates and reading creates. Reading forms the basis for a comprehensive education and expanded ability to absorb information, improves spelling skills and increases language vocabulary. It also builds a foundation for forming one's own opinions and opens up new horizons. In order to support children from our hometown on their educational path, we are once again happy to take over the reading sponsorship for a school in Erfurt. After the Thomas Mann Primary School in Erfurt last school year, we are supporting the State Cooperative Comprehensive School at Schwemmbach Erfurt in the current school year 2018/2019. The reading mentor campaign, which has been launched by the Thuringia media group for several years, aims to promote regular reading among schoolchildren in Thuringia. As part of the campaign, companies from the region donate newspaper subscriptions for 12 months to Thuringian schools.

DLR space show with astronaut Alexander Gerst

On 7 June 2019 – 50 years after the first moon landing in 1969, the "DLR Raumfahrt Show" took place in Erfurt's soccer stadium. ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and Thuringian space traveller Ulf Merbold were on hand to take around 15,000 children and young people from all over Thuringia on a journey into space once again in a special way.

Interactive stage experiments and original recordings of their space missions made the show an impressive experience. The event was organised by the German Aerospace Centre in cooperation with the "Spiel- und Freizeitplätze der Generationen in Erfurt e.V.". Keyweb AG supported the space show and was also on site as a sponsor on the day of the event.

WeLa – free cargo bikes in Weimar

Sustainable mobility is an important step towards a climate-conscious future. In 2021, the WeLa initiative was launched in Weimar, which enables Weimar residents to borrow a cargo bike free of charge and therefore avoid the need for a car even when transporting larger items. After supporting the similar project "E(l)la" in Erfurt since 2017 , we are now also sponsoring the domain and the corresponding webspace for "WeLa".

You can find more about WeLa here

Promote practice-oriented learning

A good basis of technology opens up new ways for practical teaching at schools. With a dedicated server, we support the Walter Gropius School in Erfurt in offering website creation as practical learning content. The server is used to install and test Wordpress in the area of media design. WordPress is considered the world's best-known content management system for running websites. Pupils of the Walter Gropius School thus get the opportunity to work with a content management system that many companies use every day to maintain their website content.

We are pleased to be able to promote hands-on learning in a regional school with our digital services.

Regionale Küche - Festivals to go

When theatres, clubs, concert halls and cultural centres have to close, there is no smaller stage for musicians than the one in their living room at home or in the kitchen. But this also brings new opportunities: a small network of Thuringian artists created the "Regional Kitchen" in the first Corona Lockdown 2020 - a platform that enables regional musicians and bands to make their music accessible to a larger audience. With the help of various measures – from Spotify playlists to band presentations on social media to networking – the aim is to show what Thuringia has to offer musically, even in times of pandemic.

Especially in times when cultural offerings are limited, it is important to bring the musical potential of Thuringian bands and artists to the people. But projects like the Regionale Küche are also important for the strengthening of the cultural sector in Thuringia. Therefore Keyweb supports the Regionale Küche with a webhosting sponsorship and a .com domain for a successful and above all stable online presence.

For more information on the Regionale Küche project, please visit the website:

Strengthen culture and creative industries in Erfurt

The KulturQuartier Erfurt e. V. association and the KulturQuartier Schauspielhaus eG i. G. cooperative have set themselves the task of developing a place for art, culture and the creative industries with local and national impact that sparks visions and unites theatre, dance, film and music. The long-closed Schauspielhaus in the middle of the city of Erfurt is to become an inspiring cultural venue once again. In the future, spaces for cinema, café, dance, radio, theatre, concerts, exhibitions and restaurant are to be created there, bringing people together.

With a lot of heart and soul and voluntary commitment, a place is gradually being created that serves as a source of significant impulses for the city, the independent cultural sector and the creative industries. We think that's great – it deserves support! That's why we are creating a secure basis for the KulturQuartier's web presence with sponsored hosting.

You can find more about this project here

Children and young people are our future

Keyweb and the Erfurt Goalkeeper Academy

When an initial contact and a trial training session develop into a friendly relationship, it goes beyond pure sponsorship. This is what happened between us and Veit Reißland's Erfurter Torwart Akademie (goalkeeper academy). Since 2013, the goalkeeper coach of FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt and his team have been dedicated to the targeted promotion of young goalkeeper talents in central Germany.
Founder and head goalkeeper coach Veit Reißland is very pleased that the academy has found a sponsor in Keyweb who is committed to the club in the long term: "The support enables us to position the Erfurter Torwart Akademie even better, especially online, and to communicate its mission attractively to interested children, young people and parents. A big thank you also goes to the sponsor for supporting various projects and plans that will ensure the further development of individual talents and our work with young players in the future."

Diversity in sports – the hockey department of the Sport- und Spielverein Vimaria '91

Hockey - a team sport played with a stick and a ball - is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The SSV Vimaria from Weimar helps hockey get the attention it deserves in the region. The club introduces girls and boys to the sport and creates a quick access to the game. A great deal of enthusiasm is aroused in the players through a high degree of dynamism, coordination and a high technical standard. It is a sport with enormous speed. Astonishment often arises because the 22 players, who chase the hard plastic ball with wooden or plastic sticks, do not continuously injure each other. Hockey is a high-quality team sport, which is promoted in Thuringia by the SSV Vimaria, among others.

A special motivation for the players is provided by the regular games, such as mini and children's tournaments, cup rounds like the Klassikpokal and Family Cup, and many more. As a sponsor, Keyweb was able to see for itself the contagious atmosphere of the sport at various tournaments of the SSV Vimaria. In line with our passion for sport and especially for junior sport, we were very happy to comply with the club's request for a reliable provider.

Since April 2017, Keyweb has been the official hosting partner for the comprehensive operation of the club's website. Furthermore, Keyweb does not miss the opportunity to support the club at its events by providing merchandise or extra prizes such as a KeyCloud for the winning teams of the 9th Klassikpokal.

Current Keyweb Sponsorship Projects

Cycling for a good cause – we are happy to support!

Since 2020, we have been hosting the website of DoitNAU, passionate cyclists from Erfurt who carry out and plan fundraising rides and extreme cycling tours, as well as taking part in various cycling events. The money donated goes to people in need and charitable organisations.

In 2022, the cyclists cycled over 2600 km and 24000 metres of altitude in 20 days as part of DoitNAU goes Morocco. Every week they organise a group ride in which beginners are also allowed to participate, the "Social Ride". At the "Rad Rave", the cyclists already rode through the city of Erfurt in 2022 as a registered demonstration procession and then visited several cultural sites. There will be a repeat in 2023. The cyclists are also supporting the Tatütatour fundraising tour this year.

Sponsorship of the Marketing Club Erfurt e.V.

The Marketing Club Erfurt e.V. is the professional association for marketing specialists and managers in Central Germany. As an independent association, it is a member of the German Marketing Association. Among other things, the association promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as the professional and personal development of its members through numerous events that provide an interesting insight into the activities of the companies belonging to the club.

Since spring 2019, Keyweb AG has been the official hosting partner of the Marketing Club Erfurt e.V. and hosts the club's server and the website on it. As a member of the Marketing Club Erfurt e.V., we also represent it in public and support its external communication.

Find out more about the Marketing Club Erfurt e.V. here or on the official Facebook fan page.

Intense indie rock straight from Thuringia

Since 2011, David Heinecke, Bert Billeb, Stefan Pfannmöller, Tom Huck and Marcus Johanning have been inspiring indie rock lovers together as "Volver" with expressive and distinctive electric guitar sounds combined with profound and authentic German-language lyrics. Each of the five band members brings their own style and character to the table, making the music and their new album a multi-faceted work of art.

When it comes to music and video production, "Volver" rely completely on regional expertise and thus show what is artistically and culturally possible in Thuringia. For example, the current album "Re:" was produced in their hometown Erfurt.

Keyweb has been supporting the band "Volver" already for several years within the framework of a hosting sponsorship with a virtual server and a .de domain. In addition, the band is also supported by Keymedia in music and video production - such as the video production for the single "Ein leiser Ton", which was also produced entirely in Erfurt.

You would like to request a sponsorship?

You have an interesting project and need support? Tell us about it. Simply write us an email at and tell us what you have in mind and what you expect from us. After an internal review, we will get back to you.

We look forward to your enquiry!

We focus on sustainability and take responsibility

As an operator of several data centers, we bear an extraordinary responsibility towards our environment. Therefore, we see it as our duty to consciously pay attention to maintaining a positive eco-balance when providing our services.

13. Februar 2020

Keyweb supports the Children's Hospice of Central Germany

How a free server could help sick children

At the end of January 2020, we donated 150 € to the children's and youth hospice in Tambach-Dietharz. A supporter of our in-house software forum "KeyHelp-Community" had been offered a free server as a thank you for his intensive voluntary work. We were happy to comply with this request, rounded up the amount and decided to send the donation to the Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland (Children's Hospice of Central Germany). We would like to support more social institutions and charitable projects in the future.