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With our fundraising campaign in October, we can promote the concentration and productivity of the schoolchildren: Because for every dedicated server ordered, € 5 goes into the charity project "Pausi" by DIE BUNTEN SCHAFTE e.V. This means that schoolchildren who otherwise have no lunch can be provided with lunch.

Order server and donate lunch break

Kati Wilhelm

Why donate a lunch break?

Learning not only makes you smart, learning also requires a lot of energy. Therefore, every lunch box should contain delicious bread, fresh fruit or vegetables and a drink. Unfortunately, not every child gets a lunch box with when they go to school. A balanced break supply is so important to focused and attentively participate in lessons.
With the support of the "Pausi" project from DIE BUNTEN SCHAFE e.V., we can jointly contribute to providing schoolchildren with the nutrients they need to learn.

To the „Pausi“ project right this way

donation campaign

Small actions make a big difference

With the purchase of a dedicated server, a schoolchild who otherwise goes to school without a lunch box receives complete break supplies. Our goal is to use the orders collected in October to provide for a schoolchild for an entire school year

This is where your help comes in

Pupils at a school in Erfurt can look forward to "Pausi" at the moment. Every child who otherwise goes empty-handed receives two sandwiches, 1 piece of fruit or vegetables and a cool drinking bottle to refill. In the future, schoolchildren will also be looked after in other cities.

donation campaign

Order server and donate lunch break

Stay informed

After the campaign period has expired, we would like to round up the donation amount and give it to assocation DIE BUNTEN SCHAFE e.V. We will keep you informed about the donation amount on our social media channels.

Photos: Jacob Schröter

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