KeyEco at Keyweb –
not just mere lip service to green ideals

By now Keyweb has been in the web hosting business for 16 years. During this time not only hosting as an industry, but also customers’ environmental awareness has changed – and so have providers, too! The ever-growing number of users and servers means energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions are on the rise as well. As a result our environment is put under ever greater strain. We therefore regard it as our inherent duty to establish web hosting services that are sustainable and kind to the environment.

Green Electricity

Our electricity is sourced exclusively from renewable energy sources. Our data centres are operated with 100 % green electricity generated from CO2-neutral and environmentally-friendly hydropower. Hence all websites, online shops, servers and other hosting products offered by Keyweb are run on the basis of sustainable power supply. In ecological terms, electricity won from the movement of water is one of the most natural ways of producing electricity.

Energy Savings

Together with our partners we have already implemented concepts that are way above industry standard. In order to minimise our energy consumption we have, amongst other things, replaced outdated air-conditioning cabinets with next generation cooling cabinets. So now, thanks to free-running rear-curved ventilators, we are able to reduce energy consumption by 30 %. The use of EC fans with stepless controls again achieves an improved energy balance with up to 65 % more efficiency compared to a three phase motor. The free cooling also makes it possible to achieve cooling generated solely from ambient air when ambient temperatures are low, which again saves on compression energy. Thanks to the principle of cold and warm cycles in conjunction with a cold aisle containment less and less energy is being used. We also save electricity through the choice of our hardware and network components, which are sourced from particularly energy-efficient, verified brands using state-of-the-art hardware and software.


“Environmentally-conscious thinking is increasingly at the heart of planned investments by data centre providers such as Keyweb AG. Quite rightly, internet service providers are being called upon to bear responsibility for their output and are asked to align their services so that an optimised environmental performance can be achieved. Sadly the topic has degenerated into a mere marketing tool for some competitors with the original intent falling by the wayside,” says Frank Nowag, CEO at Keyweb AG.


“That’s why we have, with our slogan ‘KeyEco - not just mere lip service to green ideals’ deliberately opted for a provocative title. Jointly with our partners we are aiming for maximum sustainability – in terms of resource solutions, the environment and in terms of our fellow human beings – rather than merely following a short-lived industry trend”, explains Mr. Nowag further.

About Thermo-Tec® Cooling Products

The Thermo-Tec® GmbH is one of the largest companies in the sector, providing precision air-conditioning and computer room cooling that utilises intelligent energy saving solutions. With its headquarters in Rochlitz as well as subsidiaries in Berlin, Dresden, Munich and Weimar, the company is able to ensure Germany-wide customer support.
With extensive know-how in energy saving technologies Thermo-Tec® offers in addition to suitable products also targeted support when it comes to finding the right and most cost-effective air-conditioning system for their clients' needs.

Green Energy Certificate

Green Energy Certificate