We focus on sustainability.
Consistent. Conscious. Action.

As a hosting provider and data centre operator, we are an energy-intensive company. We therefore regard it as even more our duty to align our services accordingly to the adherence and optimisation of positive ecological balance. In addition, with KeyEco, we want to set a clearly visible sign for conscious action in the interest of our environment and consistently go one step further.

For us, sustainability encompasses environmentally friendly business practices at all levels – from the ecological operation of our data centres and hosting products, consciously sustainable processes in the office and work routine through to our social commitment, both within the company and for our society.

Environmentally friendly hosting

Icon Green electricity

Green electricity

We only use electricity from renewable energy sources.

  • Our data centres are powered by 100% green electricity, which is generated from CO2-neutral and environmentally friendly hydropower.
  • In ecological terms, the electricity produced from running water is one of the most natural forms of electricity generation.
  • All Keyweb hosting services are based on sustainable energy supply.

Icon Energy conservation

Energy conservation

We achieve energy efficiency on several levels.

  • Our data centres only use the latest generation of climate cabinets. We achieve energy savings of over 30% by using free-running, backward-curved fans.
  • The use of infinitely variable EC fans additionally improves energy balance, with up to 65% more efficiency compared to a 3-phase motor.
  • At low outside temperatures, the free cooling also makes it possible for cooling to be generated completely by outside air, and thus compression energy can be saved.
  • Thanks to the principle of cold and warm aisles in combination with cold aisle containment, less and less energy is used.
  • When it comes to choosing hardware and network components, we also save electricity by relying on state-of-the-art and especially energy efficient-verified brand hardware.

Icon Sustainability in everyday business

Sustainability in everyday business

At Keyweb, sustainability ranges from the actions of each individual employee and the execution of projects, security, compliance and business practices through to dealing with stakeholders and taking responsibility for products and processes along the entire value chain. In the spirit of Green IT, we take a variety of measures to promote a more environmentally conscious use of existing information and communication technology in our offices.

Use of certified and recyclable products and materials
  • Our offices are equipped with FSC®-certified furnishings and energy-saving lamps.
  • "Green inventory” positively influences the wellbeing of employees and the indoor climate.
  • All tools comply with the eco standard, have the Blue Angel label or are FSC®-certified.
  • The use of reusable materials and sustainable waste management are a given for us.
  • Only cleansers and hygiene products on an ecological basis are used in the premises.
  • Our coffee comes from controlled organic cultivation.
Efficiency principle
  • We heat our office space in a controlled and efficient manner.
  • We avoid paper as far as possible in order to try to live up to the status of a paperless office. Misprints are used as notepaper if possible.
  • We utilise power-saving potential through, for example, the use of laptops and stand-by mode.
  • We use our printers in the resource-saving mode. and with refillable cartridges. With the donation of empties for empty printer cartridges we support McDonald's Kinderhilfe.
Pollution reduction
  • Keyweb's central inner-city location allows our employees and customers to reach us by public transport, bicycle or on foot.
  • Multi-regional meetings take place via telephone or video conferences to the greatest extent possible.
  • If it is not possible to avoid external appoints for larger events, methods including public transport or car sharing are used.
  • Our customers receive their invoices electronically via the customer service centre; only the first invoice is additionally sent by post. We generally always choose climate-neutral delivery for our post.

Corporate responsibility

We consider ourselves part of society and public life. We want to use the opportunities that we have as an established company in the region to give something back. We are involved in a variety of projects and measures for children and people with health impairments, but also for artistic and cultural projects in Thuringia.

Illustration Health


  • We promote active sports in our own fitness room.
  • A private sauna allows our employees to wind down.
  • Regular physiotherapy sessions during working hours provide relaxation in the workplace.
  • We offer extended health management.
  • We offer attention to an ergonomically health-conscious workplace design.


  • Regular measures in the field of team building achieve a positive and pleasant working atmosphere.
  • We are happy to promote further qualification measures.
  • Thanks to a participation concept, our employees also benefit financially from corporate success.

Illustration Motivation

Illustration Social


  • Flexible working hours promote the compatibility of family and work.
  • We integrate physically disabled employees holistically at our company.
  • With the help of practices, we offer interest people the possibility to get to know the company.

Social and societal commitment

We consider ourselves part of society and public life. We want to use the opportunities that we have as an established company in the region to give something back. We are involved in a variety of projects and measures for children and people with health impairments, but also for artistic and cultural projects in Thuringia. You can find a selection of projects, fundraisers and volunteer assignments here.

Logo Christophorus Werk Erfurt

We are happy to carry out assignments from Christophorus Werk.

Logo Seelauscher Förderverein Eltern hörgeschädigter Kinder und Jugendlicher Bodensee-Oberschwaben e.V

We support the friend’s association Eltern hörgeschädigter Kinder und Jugendlicher Bodensee-Oberschwaben e.V.

Logo Lastenrad Projekt E(L)LA.

To promote sustainable mobility, we support the project E(L)LA.


In schools, we campaign for a variety of educational services and measures.

Logo KeyEco by Keyweb

Green Hosting – KeyEco

Show us that you’re taking part!

If you want to show your awareness about our environment, you can do this as a Keyweb customer with a Green Hosting – KeyEco Certificate. By using a KeyEco certificate on your website, you can make your site visitors aware of the importance for environmentally friendly and sustainable business management.

You can download the certificate in the desired size from the customer service centre and use it on your website.