24/7 proactive technical support - with Managed Pro Service

How you can concentrate on your core business again as an entrepreneur and save time & costs at the same time.
Entrepreneurs always have to balance costs and benefits to create the most efficient conditions to achieve your business goals. The Managed Pro Service is designed to help them do exactly that.

Within the new Managed Pro Service, our clients determine which technical tasks around their IT they want to hand over to Keyweb, as their extended arm. In this way, the company's own employees do not have to look after the IT structure 24/7 and thus generate unnecessarily high personnel costs. At the same time, the company has unrestricted access rights at all times and thus full control over its IT infrastructure. This saves a lot of personnel and time resources and thus money!

The required Managed Pro support services are defined and contractually agreed according to the wishes of our customers. In addition, the basic Managed Pro variant for 236,81 € pro month offers all included services of the Managed Service as well as two inclusive hours of remote hands. All agreed technical services are carried out proactively and 24/7 (also on holidays) for our customers. This means that you will not have to pay double remote hands costs even outside business hours.

Depending on the expected support requirements, you can have your included Remote Hands hours set individually in advance for example, to 3, 4, 5 hours, etc. If more than the contractual number of included remote hands hours (minimum 2 hours) are required per month, these will also be charged at the preferential rate per remote hands hour, regardless of whether the services are required during peak or off-peak hours. Due to the Managed Pro contract, which can be terminated at any time on a monthly basis entrepreneurs also do not take any risk and instead always remain flexible..

All details on the scope of services of the Managed Pro Service as well as a direct comparison with our Managed Service can be found here.

The Managed Pro Service can be added during the order of a hosting product or ordered directly via the ticket system in the customer portal KCP.

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