A new round – the Server Control Panel KeyHelp® 22.0

Since a few days, the server administration software KeyHelp is available in the new main version 22.0. With the release of the latest update, the free server control panel once again shows its indispensable competitiveness compared to other server administration panels.

KeyHelp 22.0 impresses with mail server SNI support, new white label options, the „mass operations“ function and the now sixteenth available language.

The new KeyHelp version includes, among other things, mail server SNI support with the help of which the mail server can be accessed via all domains created in KeyHelp . This function is automatically activated in the course of the update to 22.0 and is active for domains already existing in KeyHelp as well as for all newly created domains.

In the course of the update, it is now possible to customise the HTML design of the e-mail notifications sent by KeyHelp to one's own preferences and the corporate identity of one's own company. The design of the e-mail notifications sent by KeyHelp itself has also been modernised. The new KeyHelp standard email design can also be adopted for users of the white label function on the corresponding settings page under the button "Reset settings".

Due to various optimisations in the code of the software, massive speed and loading time improvements could be achieved with this update. These result in up to 3x faster loading times for all components of the user interface, whether for page calls or Ajax requests. Even the background tasks of the KeyHelp Control Panel benefit from these changes and together lead to a noticeably better user experience.

The new feature „bulk operations“ allows you to apply a large number of configuration changes with just a few clicks. For example, you have the ability to change the PHP interpreter of a large number of domains and by respecting several conditions that you can set, with one click. With upcoming updates, this feature will be further extended and supplemented by additional bulk operations.

Thanks to a community member, KeyHelp is now available in Norwegian and thus in a total of 16 different languages.

As always, you can get a clear overview of the new features of KeyHelp 22.0 in our short news update video. Many more improvements, advices (also for systems with Debian 9!) as well as an overview of all changes in KeyHelp 22.0 can be found in the changelog at More information about KeyHelp you can get under

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