KeyHelp® 22.2 - Ubuntu 22.04 support & more new possibilities

The new main version 22.2 of the server administration tool KeyHelp includes extended rights settings for administrators and information functions, a new language as well as support for the operating system Ubuntu 22.04.

You can now install and operate KeyHelp on systems running the latest Ubuntu version 22.04. For a smooth transition from Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 22.04, we provide you with instructions and an upgrade script.

You can obtain more detailed information about an IP and, if necessary, block IP addresses with a new tool under "Whois IP query" and everywhere in the KeyHelp interface where IP addresses are displayed. With one click, you can find out which country an IP comes from or which provider is responsible for it.

With KeyHelp administrators can now configure the permissions of their customers in an even more targeted manner. For example, the right to create catch-all email accounts can now be defined individually for each customer. Furthermore, this permission can be managed using the account templates.

Another new function allows you to store globally valid web server configurations via the KeyHelp interface, which in turn are integrated into all configuration files of the client domains. In this way, you can store Apache directives for all client domains with little effort, without having to adapt all domains individually as before.

With the Dutch language the number of available KeyHelps languages increases to a total of 17. Our thanks go to Bas Heijermans, who made this offer possible with his translation into Dutch.

You can get a good overview of the new features of KeyHelp 22.2 in our news update video.

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