Sponsoring für die Bunten Schafe, Kinder sitzen zusammen und zeigen ihre Freude

Hosting sponsorship
for regional and social projects

Sponsoring für die Bunten Schafe, Kinder sitzen zusammen und zeigen ihre Freude

Hosting sponsorship
for regional and social projects

Sponsoring für die Bunten Schafe, Kinder sitzen zusammen und zeigen ihre Freude

Hosting sponsorship
for regional and social projects

Keyweb actively supports the children and youth sports. Since July 1st 2015 we also support the FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt. Furthermore we are involved in partial sponsorships and donations for charitable associations, projects and institutions. We put special emphasis on the promotion of regional projects.

Passion for Hosting – Sponsored Hosting

We are also happy to offer our help to associations, projects and extraordinary ideas, which need the necessary budget for the maintenance of a webste. Following several internal corporate criteria we provide sponsored hosting, meaning full and partial sponsorship, of our products.

WeLa - free cargo bikes in Weimar

Sustainable mobility is an important step towards a climate-consciousfuture. In 2021, the WeLa initiative was launched in Weimar, whichenables Weimar residents to borrow a cargo bike free of charge and thusdo without a car even when transporting larger items. After supportingthe similar project "Ella" in Erfurt since 2017, we are now alsosponsoring the domain and the corresponding web space for "WeLa".

You can find more about WeLa here

Support association of parents with hearing-impaired children and adolescents Bodensee-Oberschwaben e.V.

Seelauscher is a self-initiated fusion of parents of hearing-impaired children. The parents of Seelauscher support each other to help their hearing-impaired children to go their way in the hearing world. They not just support their kids, but they are also in exchange of experience and barriers. The association enables by common exursions and meetings, that the children get in touch with other hearing-impaired children and share their experience and problems. And also the parents get in personal contact. Since our company is in contact with the topic in the direct enviroment, it is self-evident for us to support the SEELAUSCHER with our hosting service to their internet presence.


Regionale Küche - take away festivals

When theaters, clubs, concert halls and cultural centers have to close, musicians can only use the living room or kitchen at home as a stage. This also brings new possibilities: In the first Corona Lockdown 2020, the “Regionale Küche” was created from a small network of Thuringian artists - a platform that enables regional musicians and bands to make their music accessible to a larger audience. With the help of various measures - such as Spotify playlists, band presentations on social media or networking - the aim is to show what Thuringia has to offer musically even in times of pandemics.

Especially in times when cultural offers are limited, it is important to bring the musical potential of Thuringian bands and artists to the people. But projects such as “regional cuisine” are also important for strengthening the cultural sector in Thuringia. That is why Keyweb supports the regional cuisine with web hosting sponsorship and a .com domain for a successful and above all stable online presence.

You can find more information on the "Regionale Küche" project on the website:


Promote practice-oriented learning

A good basis of technology opens up new ways for practical teaching in schools. With a dedicated server, we support the Walter-Gropius-Schule Erfurt in offering website creation as practical learning content. The server is used to install and test Wordpress in the area of media design. WordPress is considered to be the world's best-known content management system for operating websites. Students at the Walter Gropius School are given the opportunity to work with a content management system that many companies use on a daily basis to update their website content.

We are happy to be able to promote practice-oriented learning in a regional school with our digital services.


KulturQuartier Erfurt -
Strengthening culture and the creative economy

The developing a place for art, culture and creative industries with a local to nationwide effect, which combines drama, dance, film and music - this is what the KulturQuartier Erfurt e. V. and the KulturQuartier Schauspielhaus eG i. G. want to achieve. The long-vacant theater in the middle of Erfurt is to become an inspiring place of culture again..In the future there will be rooms for cinemas, cafés, dance, radio, theater, concerts, exhibitions and restaurants that bring people together.

With a lot of passion and voluntary commitment, a place is gradually being created that serves as a source of significant impulses for the city, the free cultural sector and the creative industry. We think that's great and want to support it! That's why we create a secure basis for the KulturQuartier's website with sponsored hosting.

You can more information about the project KulturQuartier here: www.kulturquartier-erfurt.de


The online magazine presents unique issues, trends and developments to an interested online audience via multimedia presentation. As the exclusive hosting partner we take care of the smooth operation of the website.


Music, Fun & More RMNradio

With RMNradio we support one of the largest internet radios for a
colorful music mix of the past decades and current charts in Germany. We
provide a reliable streaming basis by sponsoring our servers.


Projekt E(L)LA – Erfurts (langersehntes) Lastenrad e.V.

We think promoting sustainable mobility for Erfurt's citizens is great. Therefore we are happy to help this selfless initiative for Erfurt, which provides a free and accessible cargo bike for everyone at any time.

As a partner, we are creating the basis for the reliable operation of the associated project. You can also support this project at: www.startnext.com/ellalastenrad.


Engagement for Social Projects – Social Sponsoring

Common (sporting) activities and creative projects actively contribute to bring people together and closer to each other. This way networks will be created or strengthened and even friendships arise, that make it easier in various ways, to do good. We have a special focus on projects with a charitable background.


How a free server could help sick children

In January 2020, keyweb donated € 150 to the children‘s and youth hospice in Tambach-Dietharz. Thanks to Oliver Brinkmann, a volunteer supporter of the KeyHelp community, he was offered a free server for his intensive commitment in the last year.

He waived this and expressed the wish to use the money to support a social institution.

We were very touched by so much sense of charity and expressed our special appreciation to Mr. Brinkmann. Of course we were happy to comply with his request, rounded up the amount and decided to transfer the donation to the children‘s hospice in Central Germany in Tambach-Dietharz in Thuringia. In order to ensure the intensive care of seriously ill children, the social institution relies on donations of more than a million Euro annually.


Charity event Thüringen Gala 2019

Charity event “Thüringen-Gala” in Erfurt

The Keyweb AG supported the charity event “Thüringen-Gala” in Thuringia's state capital as a co-sponsor in 2019 and was simultaneously the video production partner of the event.

The gala not only reminded of the fall of the Berlin Wall exactly 30 years ago, but honored above all honorary projects throughout Thuringia. Representatives from politics and business reported on their experiences and insights in the relation to Germany's reunification.

The musical program took the guests on a journey back in time into the past.

Together with Keymedia Filmproduktion, Keyweb accompanied the entire event from the construction to the award ceremony as well as video portraits on Thuringia's "Engagement Ambassadors" with their special volunteer projects.

The proceeds of the raffle organized over the evening in the amount of 6120 € has flowed into special Turingian volunteer projects.

Keyweb is very proud to have supported this special and socially valuable event in cooperation with the Keymedia Filmproduktion.


Campaign reading sponsorship for children of the TA, TLZ and OTZ

Reading promotes, reading educates and reading creates. Reading is the base for a comprehensive education and advanced capacity of information. It improves the ability of spelling and increase the vocabulary. Furthermore it is the base to an own formation of opininon and explores new horizons. In order to support children from our hometown on their educational path, we are again happy to take on the reading sponsorship for an Erfurt school. After the Thomas Mann Primary School Erfurt in the last school year, we support the State Cooperative Comprehensive School at Schwemmbach Erfurt in the current school year 2018/2019. The Campaign of the media group Thuringia encourages the regular reading of pupils for some years already. Under the programme, companies from the region donate newspaper subscriptions to Thuringian schools for 12 months.


© GH Verlag

School project bicycle reading primer for Erfurt

The GH Verlag – publisher for preventing violence and child protection - has made valuable preventive and educational work in the primary schools of the region to its business.

As part of the school project bicycle reading primer for Erfurt, the primary schools in the region will be equipped with a learning and working book for road safety education and preparation for the bicycle test. Based on an imitated picture story, the "correct behavior towards strangers" is conveyed to the primary schoolchildren.

We are also very happy to stick up for this campaign and distribute 25 learning and working books to the first years of the Thomas-Mann primary school in Erfurt.



5 new PCs for the Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf

With their joy and charm the children of the Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf have won our hearts right away. When we heard that the Kinderdorfverein needed new computers for the kids, we did not hesitate to surprise them with a modern PC for each family.


SummerCamp 2015 – Die Bunten Schafe

Allowing single parents, working parents and their children aged 4 – 12 years a free vacation - that was the aim of the "Summer Camp 2015 – Die Bunten Schafe". To us this unusual initiative of the event agency "Das Schwarze Schaf" was worth to be supported with a donation of € 1,000. The résumé of this holiday week peppered with lots of highlights was consistently positive and topped with enthusiasm, so that we feel confirmed in our commitment.


Handover of the donation check

 Children cooking in SummerCamp

 Children in the evening campfire in the SummerCamp

 Children around the campfire


Baltic Sea Vacation for the Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf

To make the children of the Albert Schweitzer Children's Village happy, after they were so motivated during the Lions Cup in 2014 and impressed us with their enthusiasm, Keyweb donated a week's holiday in a cottage at the Baltic Sea for them.



Charity Action „Der LionsCup 2014“

A ludo game championship itself is already something special. And even more, when the proceeds of this exciting tournament are completely donated to a needy child.

Keyweb took the opportunity to strongly promote this great action. We even joined the game. Moreover Keyweb sponsored the first prize: a one week vacation with friends at the Baltic Sea and on top of that an exclusive .de domain plus 100 GB webspace.


Christmas projects

At Christmas time for create opportunities

Gladly admission to the Erfurter Torwart Akademie: from left to right, Steffen Körnig (goalkeeper coach), Aaliyah Thomas, Veit Reißland (head coach / goalkeeper coach), Annika Sandig (marketing manager Keyweb)

It is now an established tradition at Keyweb in view of the Christmas season to encourage a special social project. In 2016 we decided to help a 13-year-old girl from Thuringia to come a bit closer her dream of a professional football career.

Aaliyah Thomas from Eisenach want to become a goalkeeper. She always wanted that. The enthusiastic footballer trained with great ambition for her dream - at least 6 times a week in two clubs. For 3 years the young girl belongs to the Thuringia selection team. To increase their chances of a professional career, Aaliyah would like to go to the sport boarding school Jena.

The high requirements of the entrance examination require an additional goalkeeper training. However, the costs are too high for Aaliyahs family of five. Following the call of the Erfurter goalkeeper academy, that is why we have taken financing for her training. We like to promote so much sporting ambition and performance - True to the motto "passion for performance".


Christmas donation for MSF


We also supported a special organization following the idea of the "true Christmas" in 2015. With every Christmas present we made a donation to Médecins sans Frontiéres (MSF) on behalf of our customers. Doing so, we like to draw attention to the achievements of the association and to provide financial support for the work so that the urgently needed medical aid can reach even more people worldwide. Donations are spent in crisis areas, among others. Used to treat infectious diseases, to provide psychological assistance and to provide surgical help, but also to provide medicine, food, clean drinking water and shelter.

Support of the German Childhood Cancer Foundation

With the purchase of colorful, personalized annual calendars designed by children suffering cancer, we decided to make a financial contribution for the promotion of various projects of the Children's Cancer Foundation, such as the expansion of consulting and support services and the continuation of patient-oriented research. Our customers received the acquired calendars as little gifts.

Aktion Mensch

At Christmastime 2013, we wanted to say thanks in a special way. With our participation in the Aktion Mensch lottery and our gift of numerous € 500,000 annual lottery tickets to our customers, we contributed our part to sustainably improve the living conditions of people with disabilities, of children and young people and of people who are socially disadvantaged as they benefit from the collected money.

Enthusiasm for Sports

Keyweb and the FC Rot-Weiß-Erfurt

In conjunction with the region, we support the Rot-Weiss Erfurt football club. Keyweb has been taking care of the club's IT infrastructure for years.

Keyweb and Junior Sports

Keyweb committed at the Erfurter Torwart Academie since 2016 and is also dedicated at the hockey-juniors of sport- and matchclub Vimaria ´91 since 2017.

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Would you also like to request a sponsorship?

You have an interesting project and need assistance? Tell us about it! Write us an e-mail about it to [email protected] and tell us what plan and what you expect from us. After an internal review, we will get back to you. We look forward to your inquiry!