Sponsoring – Keyweb and the Junior Sports

Sponsoring – Keyweb and the Junior Sports

for Sports

It is particularly important to us to promote the physical and mental balance within the everyday routine. How can you achieve this better than with sports? At the same time sport allows us to develop a passion that is extremely important for many other areas of life - not least for our daily work. Passion is what motivates us.

It is our endeavor to lead children and teenagers to sports especially at an early stage, to motivate them and to give them the opportunity to develop exactly this passion. Because we believe that only those, who have commitment and enthusiasm for a cause, will achieve their goals and develop high performance.

The boys and girls learn to handle success, but also to deal with failures and appreciate the strong cohesion of the group and the club. We at Keyweb know what that means. Both soccer and hockey stand for dynamic, as well as concentration and coordination. Just like our hosting services.

About the Erfurt Goalkeeper Academy

If a friendly relationship develops from a first contact and a trial training, then it goes beyond pure sponsorship. This is what happened between us and the Erfurt Goalkeeper Academy of Veit Reißland. Since 2013, the goalkeeping coach of FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt and his team dedicated to the systematic encouragement of young football goalkeeper talents in central Germany. The boys and girls learn basics of goalkeeping techniques and athletics in individual and small training groups. In addition, strengths and weaknesses will improved with special exercises such as catch and reaction training, up to the existence in the „big field game“. In order to achieve optimal performance, the training always takes place under the objective of continous development with individual support and is carried out by licensed trainers as well as former and active goalkeepers (eg: first-choice goalkeeper 1. FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt Philip Mickel Klewin).

Founder and Chief Goalkeeping Coach Veit Reißland is very pleased that the Academy has found a sponsor in Keyweb, who takes care of the team long-term: "The support enables us to place the Erfurt goalkeeper academy even better online, and to communicate its task to interested children, adolescents and parents. A big thank you also applies to the support of various projects that will continue to ensure the further development of individual talents and our youth development. "

About the sport- and playclub Vimaria ‘91

Hockey – a teamsport, which was played with a racket and a ball. It experiences a new rising popularity in Germany. The SSV Vimaria review the hockey. The club introduces boys and girls to this type of sport and creats a fast access to the game. They generate enthusiasm by a large degree of dynamic, coordination and a high technical claim. It is a game with huger speed and it arise a surprise that the 22 players which catch the plastic ball with wood- and plastic rackets don‘t hurt them all the whole time. Hockey is a high quality team sport, which was promoted regional by the SSV Vimaria.

A special motivation was offered the players by regular organised matches such as mini and kids competitions, Cup rounds like Classic or Family Cup and so on. On various tournaments of the SSV Vimaria Keyweb was able to convince itself of the contagious atmosphere. We were comlied the request of the club for a reliable provider in accordance with our passion to sport and in particular the young athletes. Since april of this year Keyweb ensure the operation of the clubwebsite as an official hostingpartner.

Furthermore, Keyweb remain at the wheel to support the club by his events by merchendising or supply of extraprices like the KeyCloud for the winnig teams on the 9. Classic Cup.