Sponsoring – Keyweb and the Junior Sports

Sponsoring – Keyweb and the Junior Sports

for Sports

It is particularly important to us to promote the physical and mental balance within the everyday routine. How can you achieve this better than with sports? At the same time sport allows us to unfold a passion that is extremely important for many other areas of life - not least for our daily work. Passion is what motivates us.

It is our endeavor to lead children and teenagers to sports especially at an early stage, to motivate them and to give them the opportunity to develop exactly this passion. Because we believe that only those, who have commitment and enthusiasm for a cause, will achieve their goals and develop high performance.

The boys and girls learn to handle success, but also to deal with failures and appreciate the strong cohesion of the group and the club. We at Keyweb know what that means. Both, judo and Fistball stand for dynamic, as well as concentration and coordination. Just like our hosting services.

About "Die Mattenteufel“

Erfurt's judo and hobby Club "Die Mattenteufel" is committed to high quality and above all movement-intensive leisure activities of children and adolescents from,inter alia, socially disadvantaged families. The girls and boys learn ways to relax and to focus on other goals with fun and ambition. With the help of the Japanese martial art already the youngest explore, how to control and train their bodies. The focus is on mutual help and understanding for common progress and well-being and the best possible use of body and mind for optimal performance. Here passion and will are directly linked. Frank Neues, club president of the “Mattenteufel” is very pleased that the club has found a sponsor in Keyweb, who takes care of the team long-term: "The support will allow us to ensure planned projects and popular leisure activities in the field of our youth development in the future."

About the Fistball Players from Sömmerda

The fistball department of the club SV Sömmerda specifically leads children to the rather less-known team sport Fistball with the aim to wake the young's enthusiasm for this nice sport. Fistball promotes both, the individual personality development and the joy of conscious movement. In the check game for two teams, the children can romp on a 50 m x 20 m large field and at the same time have fun together with friends and celebrate successes. Especially, the regularly scheduled tournaments in the U12 - league are very popular among the youngest of the SVS to review their training progress and to promote their achievement motivation. Therefore, the club really appreciates the bus trips of the children to outwardly located venues, that are provided by Keyweb.