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Another versatile tool for website analysis for professionals is Sistrix, one of the most used tools in and out of Germany. For anyone who regularly deals with search engine optimization and website analysis in Germany, Sistrix is a fixed term and probably a preferred tool. Sistrix represents the evolution of the general visibility of keywords, provides an overview of the most important key performance indicators and outputs and an overview of the detailed data of the subpages particularly of larger domains.

Website Analysis Tools: Sistrix

Features of Sistrix

In order to compare the success of websites objectively, Sistrix has developed a general value, the visibility index. To ensure that this always remains up to date, every week Google rankings are compared to many millions of keywords and calculated with a specific formula and along with other data to calculate the visibility of a website. This value corresponds to a market share as it were a single site on Google. Meanwhile, one even relies on this index in the United States.

Since Sistrix also uses data from different countries, it is also ideal for companies that operate in different markets in order to coordinate their activities centrally.

The Sistrix Toolbox consists of six modules, which are all available individually. So customers need to pay only for the features they use and actual. The individual modules are:

  • SEO (analysis of the organic search on Google and optimization tips)
  • Links (linkrisk- and backlink-analysis of your website and your competitors)
  • Social (signals in the networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn)
  • Universal (analysis of the search for photos, videos or news)
  • Ads (organized and supervised AdWords- and banner-campaigns)
  • Optimizer (create and monitor keywords sets)

Sistrix Smart: free alternative for beginners and small businesses

The Sistrix developers also offer a free version for beginners. The tool also provides non-professionals the opportunity to make a website successful with relatively little effort. The most important factor are the many tips, the tool gives and even beginners can usually implement easily. Especially for small businesses, hotels, bloggers or self-employed, the website is not only figurehead, but even the most important instrument for customer acquisition. Although Sistrix Smart is free, the analyzes are nevertheless professionally and in detail, but just only for a single domain. With the given functions you have to waive information about the code and server. Who absolutely wants and needs more here, should either use the paid version or test another tool.


Already because of the visibility index, which has become a standard in the scene, Sistrix is the leading tool in Germany. Free, time-limited testing is the possibility to get an idea and to assess whether the toolbox is worth its money.