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Analytics is made available for free by google as a tool to analyse data traffic with. Every operator of a website can use it to i.e. identify the origin of visitors or how long they stayed on every subpage. By that, Analytics allows you to compile user profiles that give indication about usage of the website.

Initially, a tracking code has to be embedded in the site's HTML-code, that allows Analytics to receive the data. Afterwards the data can be edited with various filters, so that e.g. only the data of visitors from certain countries can be viewed or specific IP-addresses are excluded (in order to ignore the views of your staff for instance). Besides that, Analytics provides demographic data as well, such as age and gender or interests of the visitors.

Analytics provides various data

Especially information about how a visitor finds their way to the website, e.g. via google search, social media or manual entry of the URL, is valuable for the site's operator. On this basis, certain channels can be strenghtened and thus the traffic overall improved. Data is being collected for every subpage so that all sectors can be evaluated. In the content sector for instance, the length of stay gives indication whether an article has been read entirely or left after reading the caption.

Observation and Optimisation of the Conversion rate

An important feature of Analytics is the observation of conversions. The tool can be used to set actions to generate income such as completing an order or general actions that serve the company's purpose like requests for a concrete offer. This way sales can be monitored and the website optimized. Google Analytics is also directly connected to Google AdWords, which is used to schedule and appoint chargeable advertisements within the search engine. This integration enables even more precise data capturing. Analytics also helps users evaluate if display-ads are profitable.

Easy to learn thanks to tutorial videos

The utilisation of Google Analytics is relatively intuitional and easy to learn, although many of the more complex features need a little induction. Therefore Google provides a detailed guide with i.a. YouTube videos. This way you can also aquire an official Google Analytics certificate.


Its easy handling and varied features make Google Analytics immensely valuable and maybe even indispensable for website operators.