by Franziska Bode
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According to branchassociation Bitcom every second company has already been a victim of economic espionage. Thus, patrons of economy dedicated themselves atthe 18th of Febuary 2016 within the scope of a conference of RKW-Thüringen e.V. to the subject security of Thuringian companies. The Thüringen Journal of the MDR picked this event and its highly topical subject up in a TV report. The Keyweb AG got to contribute their experiences as a practical example in this report.

As a hosting provider for local and international customers we deal with the topic of security every day, naturally concerning protection from cybercime as well. In an interview with the camera crew of the MDR, CEO Frank Nowag sums up Keyweb's impressions and measures. Since 1997 we are partner of i.a. Thuringian companies on the market and this experience shows an increase in attacks over the internet over the last 18 years. We meet these risen challenges with permantent staff training and further education, as well as investments in hardware like firewall and router technology. In the future we expect even more attempted attacks and prepare best possible to provide our customers with the highest possible measure of safety.

The camera crew of the MDR in an Interview with CEO Frank Nowag
The camera crew of the MDR in an Interview with CEO Frank Nowag


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