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Nowadays, secure surfing is indispensable. As personal information and bank accounts are disclosed, the user becomes increasingly transparent and risks becoming a victim of data misuse. For this reason, protect yourself and your website visitors.

SSL certificate is the name of the magic word if you like to show a quality seal for the security of your page. Already in January, we reported about the technical aspects in our blog article "What are SSL certificates? How does security increase through them?". Now we would like to deal with the topic once again to explain why an SSL certificate makes sense and is important.

The abbreviation SSL stands for the term "secure sockets layer", which is an encryption program for secure Internet data transfer. The communication between server and user is encoded so personal data cannot be intercepted.

E-commerce is a constantly growing sector. Conducting business transactions online with the personal ID card, booking flights with the credit card, let purchases be delivered comfortably to the doorstep, stream films and music, move tedious shopping to the living room: Almost everything can be ordered and completed nowadays through the Internet. Yet when it was easy in the past to leave address and bank information at home, nowadays the consumer is worried where his information will arrive or a possible manipulation can occur. Empty shopping carts and transaction cancellations are the consequence. SSL certificates help to create trust to your web offers among customers. An SSL-encrypted connection is recognizable by the security padlock in the browser bar and the HTTPS by the transfer through an https transportation protocol. The visitors to your website can therefore immediately see that your page is secure.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Encryption rate of up to 256 bits
  • 99 % browser compatibility
  • Optimum protection through encrypted transfer
  • Quality through the GeoTrust® and Thawte® brand certificates
  • Create trust for your users
  • Increase Seobility

Where are the differences among the various SSL certificates?
The certificates can be differentiated by their degree of encryption, browser compatibility, validation (domain- or identity-validated) and type of certificate (single, wildcard, multi domain).

What security do SSL certificates guarantee?
The degree of security is influenced by the encryption rate and the type of validation or authentication. For this aspect, certificates can be subdivided in three variants. The first and most popular is the domain-validated. These certificates are ideal for smaller web pages such as blogs, forums or Intranets. The certification authority checks whether the client is also domain owner through a WHOIS protocol. A message is sent to confirm the order. WHOIS serves to request information about Internet domains, IP addresses and their owners. The certificate shows only the domain name.

The organization-validated ones are suitable for websites, webmail vendors and webshops. In addition to the domain names, the company name and city are also shown. The identity is checked through extracts from the commercial registry, a comparison of bank data and telephonic contact. The data are then compared with the WHOIS entry.

EV (extended validation) certificates differ by their green address bar, which provides another visible indication of the website's security status. The domain check and identity check take place again through the certification authority, which checks whether the applicant works at the company and also has the respective authorization.

At Keyweb, you can acquire the certificate that best fits your needs. In cooperation with market leaders GeoTrust® and Thawte®, we offer you seven different types of certificates. Start with a Thawte® SSL123 certificate for secure Intranet and internal servers as well as a protected domain - for as low as 0.- €/ 1. The Thawte® SSL web server certificate with EV has an expanded validation through the checking of domain and certificate owners. This security level 3 creates visual trust and security for all users and is especially emphasized by the browser address bar. Depending on the coverage you wish, you can also decide to have the GeoTrust® True BusinessID certificate with EV.

And a special treat is the positive SEO effect. Even Google itself informed that websites with SSL certificates enjoy an advantageous listing in the search results. Up to 5% higher visibility is mentioned.

Find out today about the best possible solution for you and secure a convincing added value.
Your Keyweb team will gladly advise you about the many different possibilities!

1 The gross prices stated apply to consumers and include 19 % VAT. for Germany, other EU countries may be different.

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