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The analysis of websites includes not only technical aspects or ranking factors of google. Usability aspects affect a website's success as well. Ease of use is important for online shops in particular. The users should always see at first glance where to find what they need and never feel lost. Eye-tracking studies can be used to analyse what draws the users' attention, however, these studies are effortful and costly. For this reason the EyeQuant software was developed to predict what is drawing attention on websites.

Website Analysis Tools: EyeQuant

Empirical data as foundation

The underlying model is based on empirical data which is gathered in laboratory studies by using eye-tracking equipment. This process is accompanied by interviews in which users are asked to compare different designs. The results are utilised to find connections between designs and behaviour of users. These correlations are then again used to design a model, which simulates users with buying intentions. According to the developers, the accuracy of EyeQuant in comparison to actual eye-tracking studies is at circa 90 percent. The software's results are consistently compared and evaluated to the outcomes of actual eye-tracking studies to improve its accuracy.

How the analysis works

With EyeQuant you can gain insights about your website within seconds. The perception map allows conclusions as to where the website's visitor looks within the first three seconds. The perception map shows which areas are drawing the most attention. For instance it is advisable to place the logo and important sales arguments in those areas. Furthermore EyeQuant performs a clarity-analysis on the website that shows which areas could be perceived as unclear. Especially big companies like Google or Apple count on very clear and tidied up designs which are conceived as pleasant by their users.


EyeQuant is easy to use and offers fast findings. Because of the relatively high cost it is rather advisable for frequent use. Especially for the conversion rate optimization for online shops it is reasonable to check, if the costumers perceive all the information instantly and important buttons are placed conveniently. Those who are interested can try EyeQuant for two tests for free. In many cases the tool confirms presumptions, however, it can occur that surprising insights are won. So it appears that faces and big letters do not always draw as much attention to them as expected.