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Another helpful analysis tool is Xovi. One of its biggest advantages is its price: for only 99€ a month one gets a tool with extensive features for a competitive price. The versions for agencies with 149€ or for large firms with 499€ still costs little in comparison to other tools. In the beginning many feared it to be a low-quality product. But depending on requirement, the functionality is comparable to similar tools.

Monitoring Keywords and Visibility

The core part is the visibility index and the keyword tool. With Xovi you can monitor your own keywords and the ones of your competitors on a daily basis and that way quickly and specifically react to ranking changes. With Xovi rankings in up to 196 countries can be observed, which makes the tool interesting for projects that are active in several countries as

In the onpage-area, important issues can be fast and clearly reviewed, e.g. if all captions are chosen correctly or if the internal link pattern has been set up properly. Tags and headers can be controlled as well. Especially handy are the direct recommendations for action that are shown whenever problems are detected. This way, less experienced users can remedy errors and eventually achieve successes. Additionally, Google AdWords can be extracted, including titles, keywords, description and average position. This is possible for your own ads as well as for the ones of your competitors. Furthermore, affiliate links of networks such as Affilinet or Zanox can be evaluated.

Besides Onpage also Offpage Functions

An important part of website anyalsis and optimisation focuses on the blacklink-profile ofa site. With the Xovi link tool you can analyse your link pattern and compare it to your competitor's. This basis can then be used to create a strategy for the link-structure. Of course links from other countries are considered too.

A WDF*IDF analysis tool is provided in the Content area, with which a website's contents can be reviewed.


Xovi is a useful tool for search engine optimizers that scores with its reasonable price. The remaining functions are generally interesting for everyone active in online marketing and therefor make Xovi appealing for a large target audience. Because of its different subscription models it is an option for hobby-optimizers as well as agencies und corporations. With the reporting function, important actions can be appointed that are analized regularly each month and are then clearly executed.