FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical questions of a general nature can be handled over the phone – just call us on +49 (0)361 – 658 53 55 or email us at You can also quickly send a question via the ticketing system, addressed to the relevant area. Any technical queries that require a more in-depth explanation need to be dealt with via the ticketing system alone. We will be happy to call you back, if you wish.

The telephone password serves to check your identity quickly and easily when you are calling us on the phone. This way we can make sure that no unauthorised persons can gain information via the phone pretending to be you. For this reason it is important that you keep the telephone password at hand when calling our support helpline. For data protection reasons we will not be able to give you any information about your account, if you cannot give us your telephone password. You can specify or change your telephone password in the customer area under the menu item "Support", tab "Telephone Password".

The telephone password can be found in the customer menu under the menu item “Support", tab "Telephone Password". You may change it at any time.

You can change your telephone password easily in your customer area (KCP): Click in KCM on the menu item “Support” and click on the tab “Telephone Password”.