FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We will be happy to answer you!

If you have any questions regarding invoices or other accounting matters, our accounts department will be happy to assist. The best way to contact Accounts is by using the AccountsQuery-Form on the Contact & Support page, or alternatively, by using the ticketing system in the customer area, or by sending an email to

Invoicing is generally done online. You can access your invoices in the KCP customer area under the menu item “invoice”. In addition, you will also receive your invoice via email at the address you gave us. If you wish, you can recieve the invoice at a different email address; please enter it in KCP under: "My data" → "Contactdata". If you wish to receive a hardcopy of your invoices with the post, we can arrange this as well; a postal charge of € 2.50 per letter applies. This request can also be made via "Your settings" → "Send invoice by post:"… To activate this please remove the tick.

You receive your invoice according to the chosen payment cycle; this tends to be at the beginning of a month. If you have opted to pay by Direct Debit, you will receive a Direct Debit Withdrawal Note telling you, when the invoice amount will be debited from your account (="Prenotification"). This is usually sent a couple of bank working days after receipt of invoice. If you have opted to pay by bank transfer/PayPal, the amount for the coming billing period has to be paid in advance.

Yes, you can have a different address for billing. However, you have to submit this address to us beforehand and in writing via ticketing, email or post.

The payment option selected by you can be changed by fax, post and email, but also via the ticketing system or directly in customer menu under "my data" and then under "payment".

You can tell us your new bank details in the customer area under “my data” and then under “payment”. Please note, that in the event of a change in bank details the SEPA Direct Debit form must also be filled out anew and the new form must be submitted to us. You find the respective form in the download section on our website under the menu item “Service”.

If you have opted to pay by bank transfer, the following Keyweb AG bank details apply:

HypoVereinsbank AG

IBAN: DE92 8202 0086 0358 2066 11


Please look up our e-mail-address for PayPal-transfers on your invoice.

If you have a query regarding an invoice or if you think the invoice contains a mistake, please contact our Accounts department. To do so please open a trouble ticket in the Key Control Management Centre. We will then check your invoice immediately and correct it if necessary.

Payment for invoices if paid by bank transfer or PayPal must be received and credited to our account by the due date stated, which in general is 7 calendar days from the date of invoice. For Direct Debits or when paying by credit card the amount is automatically withdrawn from your account at the start of the respective prepayment period.

If we are unable to withdraw the invoice amount from your account because of lack of funds, a return debit note is issued. In such an event you receive a corresponding payment reminder via email with the request to pay the outstanding amount (invoice amount plus return debit note fee) into our account. Should you think there was an error concerning your unpaid items, please contact our Accounts team.

Your customer number is sent to you via email as soon as your order has been activated. You can also find your customer number on all your Keyweb invoices. If you do not have your customer number at hand for one reason or another, we can send it to the email address that you have entered on our system.

All necessary details that concern your invoice and payment formalities can be changed via the ticketing system in customer area or by sending us an email requesting the change.